1600 Diwali

SSVT, our local temple in the suburbs has developed a strong community and following over its last 25 years of existence. Once inside, one does not feel we are anywhere else but in a temple in Southern India.

My father-in-law (who is part of the management) reports that they were asked by the Indian Embassy to provide the necessary fanfare, priest included, to celebrate Diwali for the first time at the White House. ..and so we see a familiar face who does Lord Balaji’s Archanas and the one who has a strong foothold amongst the other priests.The baritone voice with authority, and the one who speaks with a good command of English to the many who do not know Telugu, Tamil or Hindi.


Listen to the end, when the priest calls out a thanks and the Prez quips back.

Cool eh?

Happy, safe and prosperous Diwali to all in India. We out here have some more time to go, so will do one more round on Saturday. Anything to stretch the festivities, I say.

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27 replies on “1600 Diwali”
    1. says: rads

      oh absolutely, the demand’s ever high, especially now that the current breed of couples are maha religious and most importantly ritualistic

  1. says: M

    I saw the pics yday and was suitably impressed by the priest – Looked very authentic and I love the SSVT, so am glad they picked someone from there for the first White House Diwali!


  2. says: metlin

    Awesome from a cultural perspective; however, I wish the US had a president who truly separated himself from all religions and faiths. Ah, well. Too much to hope I suppose!

    1. says: rads

      You know, the thought’s crossed my mind many times. Religion seems to be such an integral part of the US government. The oath, the anthem and such, all have God in there somewhere.

      There’s an all-inclusively-tolerant stand, and then there’s the far-removed from it all, with no endorsement of any stand.

      It’s a bit off considering there are absolutely no prayers in schools, which are again governed by the law under the President ultimately.

  3. says: Ravi

    You live in DC area too? If so, same pinch:-) I had no idea although I have been reading your blog for quite sometime. I live in NoVA (chantilly). How about you?
    BTW your blog rocks!! Keep going!

    1. says: rads

      heh, now that you do know and considering the kind of flammable posts I have up here of my neighborhood and folks around, AND now that I know where you live, I cannot tell you where I live. If I do tell you, I’d have to er, kill you :-p
      Even if you did escape, that would make you my partner in crime, which am sure you wouldn’t want any part of!

      Would it suffice it to say am Nova too? 🙂

      1. says: metlin

        Okay, for the record, neither of you live in DC. You *live* in VA and would *like to believe* that you live in DC, but let’s face it.

        You’re a bunch of, umm, hicks from Virginia, of all places (and trust me, if there’s one thing I know about Virginia, it is that I don’t want to live there).

        1. says: rads

          er, for the record, both of us used the word “nova” and yes, if am a hick and you read my space here, then that makes you a hicksville resident?
          So there.

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