1600 Diwali

SSVT, our local temple in the suburbs has developed a strong community and following over its last 25 years of existence. Once inside, one does not feel we are anywhere else but in a temple in Southern India.

My father-in-law (who is part of the management) reports that they were asked by the Indian Embassy to provide the necessary fanfare, priest included, to celebrate Diwali for the first time at the White House. ..and so we see a familiar face who does Lord Balaji’s Archanas and the one who has a strong foothold amongst the other priests.The baritone voice with authority, and the one who speaks with a good command of English to the many who do not know Telugu, Tamil or Hindi.


Listen to the end, when the priest calls out a thanks and the Prez quips back.

Cool eh?

Happy, safe and prosperous Diwali to all in India. We out here have some more time to go, so will do one more round on Saturday. Anything to stretch the festivities, I say.

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