mantra of my life..

these days

“do you have to go potty?”
“pee-pee coming?”
“where do you go if pee-pee is coming?”
“are you a big girl?”
“big girls don’t wear diapers”

and the varied answers I get

“pee-pee potty” *announcing to her siblings*
“noooooo” *shaking her head violently*
“oh-oh, pee-pee commmminggg” *shocked expression, caught unawares*
“S do pee-pee theyee?” *sing-song question*
“mama, i do poo-poo potty” *screaming at the top of her lungs*
“i did it mama, i did it” *gleeful*
“_________” *stares right back in defiance*
“_________” *stares back after the job is done [not in the potty] with tears welling*

Wonder if the mantra works, and if so when would I get moksham?

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18 replies on “mantra of my life..”
  1. says: Terri

    Let me know when you do. At 3 years, 4 months, we’re still counting.
    The worst is by the time you finish wiping down public potties and turn around, it’s too late, the deed is already done!

  2. says: rads

    It’s getting so tricky. 🙁

    JC – repeat after me “wonder what she will feel when she reads this after growing up.
    She will hate me like all teenager daughters will and then love me when she becomes a mom herself. That’s just the way the cycle works…

  3. says: Twisted DNA

    *closing eyes and repeating to self over and over again* My kid will be potty trained in a week. We won’t be stressed out at all.

  4. says: Twisted DNA

    Actually, they say it’s easier to potty train kids if they wear cotton diapers. We are using cotton diapers, let’s hope that helps

  5. says: rads

    TD – it’s random. Sometimes it’s a day sometimes its a few months. Yea, cotton works, coz they feel uncomfortable. Godo luck 🙂

    ITW – yea, u have double the fun! 🙂

    Usha – yes, I have, but u know those 2 were absolute darlings. They still are, but this training was a breeze. This one has a mind of her own! Too pampered 🙁

  6. says: LAK

    Believe me, you’ll look back on these days, and wonder what you were complaiing about! just wait until she is a teen, and on the brink of venturing into the world!

  7. says: mommyof2

    🙂 hey my son was trained in 1-2 days:-) The secret is to start training late LOL. I did post it on my blog too:-) And the worst part of potty training kids is to use public toilets when u go out.. I absolutely hate that.. I wonder if they will invent something like travel size toilet to take it out with you for ur family:-)

  8. says: artnavy

    Good luck. So far Anush liked using her potty chair but the last couple of days she is shit scared of it. I can’t understand why.

  9. says: Orchid

    Y’know it shouldn’t be that hard when they are really ready. Call me one lazy mom but I kept putting off till a couple of weeks ago and my son is already 3 yrs and 3 months. I knew he knew what he was supposed to do but lik eI said I kept putting it off and then just like that one saturday morning I told him no more diapers and he was potty trained in 1/2 hr. No, I am not kidding, he has not worn a diaper since, runs to the potty everytime,so….maybe it’s ok to wait if it’ll be much easier that way.

  10. says: Anonymous

    A lady at work told me to do this, and it worked like a charm – switch completely from diapers to regular cotton panties. The first coupla times my li’l one looked appropriately shocked when the liquid came down her legs, but after that she caught on. She was trained in a weekend.

    Maybe you can try this while it’s still summery and not too cold, after that you wouldn’t want the kid to feel cold.

  11. says: rads

    wow, I didn’t expect a post on potty training to get so many comments and help. Thanks ladies.

    Am going the cotton way, and the chill is already setting in 🙁

    public toilets are a nightmare, my kids somehow just refuse to use it. Another pitfall of travelling…

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