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So I got tagged by a bunch of people, so many that I actually have forgotten all who have tagged me and so in all fairness I will not link the couple I remember.

A list of 100 books (there are actually only 98, when you take it into excel!) and to check and see how far down the road you are and how many fine books there are out there that one is yet to read.

I did some work with the list. Put it into a document and called it 100bookstoread in case anyone wants to download and use. Posting a screen shot of the list of books that I have actually read..


Depressing and shocking, not to mention quite ashamed to call oneself a bookworm, but here it is. I think am only half the worm. I know. I look at the numbered list above and I have to agree, am only a third of a worm. Am like the outlier at the worm-conference. The one that everyone spots right away but are being polite not to call on, the one that gets those shifty looks. The kind when joins the table, everyone magically finds an excuse and leaves slowly but surely.

*cough- I need that drink now.

*sniff – Gosh, I must be coming down with a cold, will not infect any further

*drat – I had that call I need to return to.

and so on and so forth.

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