January Blogathon Calendar

January Blogathon kowthas

A Blogathon to stretch those muscles and get sharp after a month of holidaying and partying! Getting back to basics and working hard to get our writing back in form and shape. Yeah?

I will be hosting a month long blog-a-thon, starting January 1st through 31st 2016 on this blog. I have a blogging calendar complete with daily prompts up, which is already up, and if you scroll below, you will see it split into 4.5 weeks.

Check them out. Some are demanding, some give you a lot of freedom and some will make you reflect.

Becoming better writers/bloggers also means to tap into your conscience and articulating your feeling, expressions, experiences and emotions in a way that the reader sees what YOU see. Just like with anything else, the more you do something, the more you get better at it. There is no judgment, no competition, no accountability to anyone but you, no keeping tabs and no scrutiny.

It’s YOU against the blogger that you were the day before.

At the end of the 30day sprint, you will be tired but exhilarated. Your creative output, vocabulary and the range at which you will be able to express yourself will have improved tremendously, I hope. Time management, presentation skills, the art of SEO, and the community that you will build will ensure you make the best of your hard work and perseverance.


Like what you read?

Sign up below. Just comment saying you are in. You stay on top of the prompts and you write and then you come back here every day and link up. Linky will be up on January 1st.  Linky isnt working, so let’s just use Comment Luv and post a comment and that should work. Have any questions or doubts, ask away in the comments and there will be sufficient advice on how best you can run with it.

Wear your thinking caps and trust your perspective on the prompts and go with the flow!

There are JUST two guidelines that must go into every blog post:

  • Copy paste this line at the end/top of every post:  “This post is part of the January blogathon hosted by #kowthas and today’s prompt is “________________” linked here https://kowthas.me/_______ (This will be the URL of that day’s post)
  • When you tweet or share your post, please use the hashtag:
    • #kowthas #DailyChatter

That’s it! YAY!

Ready? Set? ..you have 6 days to relax, think, strategize before we head off our blogathon on January 1st 2016. Good luck and happy writing!


Blog Prompts

  1. January 1st Friday: Write about an older resolution that failed and how you can improve on it this year.
  2. January 2nd Saturday: #SocialSaturday – Pick a lady you admire and write!
  3. January 3rd Sunday: Write about your favorite comfort food, add a recipe if you can.
  4. January 4th Monday: #Motivation Monday: What is your motivating mantra of the 1st working day of the year!
  5. January 5th Tuesday: #TuesdayThankfulness – Write a letter of Thanks
  6. January 6th Wednesday: Dig into your archives, Pick a favorite post and Expand on it.
  7. January 7th Thursday: Write a HOW-TO post. It can be about anything, DIY, Hack, Recipe, Blog trick
  8. January 8th Friday: Recommend one blogger that you follow for their blog and writing, say why.
  9. January 9th Saturday: #SocialSaturday – A girl is being molested/bullied. What do you do? Write!
  10. January 10th Sunday: Take a picture of your meal. Now describe it from an aline’s perspective. Make it funny!
  11. January 11th Monday: #MotivationMonday: Tell us about your 2016 goal, break it down by month with smaller goals so you achieve the larger resolution.
  12. January 12th Tuesday: #TuesdayThankfulness – Write a letter of thanks in 3rd person. As in be the messenger, write how Friend A would thank Friend B. Add dialog if need be.
  13. January 13th Wednesday: Dig into your archives and pick a review post – either a movie/book. Write about how you feel about the book/movie now. Has teh experience changed now, do you agree?
  14. January 14th Thursday: What is the most beautiful thing that’s happened to you today (or yesterday, if you are writing this first thing in the morning)
  15. January 15th Friday: Pick a social media channel you frequent (twitter/instagram/facebook/goodreads) and tell us why you like it. Recommend two folks/accounts.
  16. January 16th Saturday: #SocialSaturday – Write about a cause that’s closest to your heart, and tell us why. How do you support it? Do you volunteer/fund it/spread and share the cause and how?
  17. January 17th Sunday: Pick a country you like to visit, and tell us about their food. Have fun with this!
  18. January 18th Monday: #MotivationMonday: What do you plan on accomplishing this week?
  19. January 19th Tuesday: #TuesdayThankfulness – Thanking and being grateful so important in our lives. Agree/Disagree? What are your thoughts?
  20. January 20th Wednesday: Is there a post in your archives that you put a lot of hard work and time? Proud? Share and flaunt it to us!
  21. January 21st Thursday: Make a GIF of yoru favorite funny movie scene. Explain why it is funny or what’s your take on it. (learning to make a GIF is super easy and they are all the rage now, so go learn?)
  22. January 22nd Friday: Review the latest funny/interesting book or movie you read/saw
  23. January 23rd Saturday: #SocialSaturday: Have you volunteered your time to an org or cause? Write about them? If you haven’t, tell us about someone who does and why they do what they do.
  24. January 24th Sunday: Who is the best cook in your family or among your friends? Interview them.
  25. January 25th Monday: #MotivationMonday -Pick a quote or line (can even be funny dialog from a movie etc) that best symbolizes your life right now.
  26. January 26th Tuesday: #TuesdayThankfulness – Write a letter to someone who hurt you, and try and forgive them.
  27. January 27th Wednesday: Write a guest post on another blog (publish theirs on yours if need be) and share! (write whatever suits your fancy)
  28. January 28th Thursday: How would you explain social media to your grandparents? Be creative!
  29. January 29th Friday: Write a short descriptive passage sing Alliteration and Rhyme (write on any topic that suits your fancy)
  30. January 30th Saturday: Write about a social cause that you just got aware of recently. Either reading other blogs or on twitter or social media.
  31. January 31st Sunday: Take a selfie. Post and write about your experience doing this blogathon. Write how it helped you and how you could have improved on it.

Done! Tada!


Enjoy and if you like the prompts and the BLogathon, share the word and get more folks to write and spread the joy of writing. Build your community. Find your tribe! 🙂



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18 replies on “January Blogathon Calendar”
  1. says: Suman Kher

    I am not sure if I’ll be able to keep up with the challenge, but would definitely like to give it a try. I think you should add action points of things we need to do with every post as a list so it’s easy to follow – add link here, add hashtags and a few others that you mentioned need to be done as part of the challenge. Also, do I have to use the prompts or is it optional like the November blogging challenge by @BlogHer?

    1. says: Rads

      Well, you do as much as you can. There are no huge rules and the only two guidelines are posted.
      As I mentioned I will be posting every Thursday on what is expected over the prompts. Logistics are simple anyway.
      Hmm no, I’d like to stick to the prompt of the day coz its a group thing and not just a blogathon. Try and am sure we can write and push boundaries being creative?

  2. says: Chandni

    Hey , I am in. and its a part of the 3 point list I have chalked out for myself for 2016.
    Could you share these prompts as text? Will help with the copy – paste as a part of the mandatories.
    Wish me luck and a happy new year to you!!

    1. says: Rads

      Hey Chandni, been under the weather and couldn’t post Day 1’s post earlier. Doing now. Catch is that I am in the US, and am a good 12 hours behind you guys in India, so I have to post mine much ahead of when date switches. 🙂 Will work on it and set up today on. Thanks for your patience. 🙂

  3. says: Venice

    Hi, I just came across your prompts. Can I join in now though I’m 3 days late? Should I start from the beginning or from today the 4th day? Looking forward to it! 🙂

    1. says: Rads

      Venice, of course you can join in. Start off writing and link according to the day/prompt you are in. If you have time, you can always backdate and go do the earlier ones 🙂
      Thank u for participating, hope you have fun!

  4. says: Omkar

    I am in. Starting with today’s post. Anyways I have started a blog post a day journey, turning my daily diary entries into free written blog posts, so might as well try this, maybe club it into one or try to go for twice the blog posts per day.

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