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On a whim, we decided to get Zee and B4U channels after our trip to India. Read: hangover from desi culture and fashion [for me] Within a few days I got bored with them – Bold n Beautiful and Young n restless were timid compared to these desi vixens, and what irked me even more was there was an extreme contrast to a female’s character – either she’s so good, that you’d want to slap her silly and wake her up, or she was evil, and I mean really evil. …and that’s all I could take of all the drama.
Over the past month, we got hooked to this reality show – saregamapa – very popular and an oldie. It just so happened that this show was the only decent thing coming on Tv while we all ate our dinner. The disney channel was too silly or more for the teens, and nothing after 7 pm was G on cable TV. So either it was Food Channel [ hated by everyone, except me] or Zee. So we settled for Zee and we got hooked. We started to like the particpants, their voices, hate the critics -good-to-be-true comments – there wasn’t any Simon in this show was my son’s biggest grief – and within a couple of weeks, we had teams at home, each rooting for their favorite.

For some reason we missed last Tuesday’s show – the crucial one and which we all swore we’d not miss coz it was down to just 3 – Hemachandra, Vinit and Debojit. Our dream and hope was simple, we wanted Deb out. Been too busy with work and school and we forgot all about the show until my friend casually mentions to me – it’s so sad that hema got ousted!
I came home crushed, and my daughter felt my pain.
The phone rings to tell me to switch on Zee – as they were showing a re-run of the last 2 missed episodes. Yay!

Tabu seemed to be extremely critical, and seemed to prefer Deb and Vinit. I didn’t like her – not becos of not picking Hema, but becos she just didn’t seem honest. Despite whatever other news guys say – I felt she could’ve been tactical in the way she phrased her comments. I always felt she was a smart woman and in a way she didn’t cut it for me.
Priyanka Chopra was a very good judge. Ive heard her sing live in a show here and she has a sexy strong voice, and she was very encouraging, sensitive yet was a very good judge wrt to her opinions or advice.
Akshaye Khanna was cute and his usual brooding sensitive self. His expression while Hema sang the ‘taal’ number showed his emotional attachment and well one word to sum him would be -genuine.

All that voting is pure crap. I mean, give a guy off the street a cell phone, and a Rs 100 note, and he can spend a full day sms’ing for one participant. and that’s just a simple way to do it. All those numbers showed it – Votes were in lakhs. Tabu did make a good point about many Southies not watching Hindi programs – and it’s true. Frankly, my interest piqued more so coz I saw a Hyderabadi dude 1 among the top 10 or so, and I enjoy more Hindi movies/songs than telugu.

Hemachandra is amazing. Vinit is amazing. Too bad they didn’t fight it out together – coz it would have been such a healthy competition.

I never really am good with reality television. I don’t think I have the heart for it. Anyway, I am done with this show though, until maybe the next challenge. We’ll see.

Will need to write a separate post on Chandru later.

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