It’s a woman’s curse that she is picky about hair. Happy is the immediate world around her the time when she actually smiles at her reflection in the miror focusing specifically on the mane. Then again, I can’t just limit the discussion to this, so we have shades of expressions:

  • Hair on the head: Depends on the weather, the Asian lady’s mood, the time between stuffing oneself into tight pants and the bus to arrive to pick up munchkin, at the flat iron’s mercy, the kind of dress worn, and most importantly how mad the partner/spouse has made her that day.
  • Hair on arms/legs: Necessary depilatory chore to separate oneself from bear world.
  • Eyebrow hairs: An occasional necessity to be removed from man world.
  • Hair in brush left removed: Reason for husband’s wrinkling of nose.
  • Hair on carpet: Left un-noticed till one decides to bend down and retrieve lost remote under the couch.
  • Hair in food: Food made by wife; remove and continue. If a restaurant does it, make it a reason for free meal or mango lassi depending on how well one can escalate the situation.


  • The hair on the bathroom floor, in the sink, in the tub, in the shower, in the drain: FRIKKING PAINFUL! *ARGHHHH*

Double painful, if the husband’s a clean freak and continues to drone behind your ear “please clean up after you, I need to go take a shower” – incessantly, killing the beauty of a nice hot shower.

Another reason to join Buddhism.

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25 replies on “hair”
  1. says: rads

    laksh: Seriously! I suspect the dropping hair holds onto the scalp until we reach the bathroom to decide to shed!

    buddy: That IS a good thing eh? 🙂

    bedazzled: heh, yep. Buddhism is continuing to entice me in so many different real ways.
    Your nick reminded me of that bedazzler thingy – gluing those stones onto clothes? 🙂

  2. says: Praveen

    How much I miss these posts!

    Hair in food: It HAS to be there in indian households I suppose. Irritates me, be it mother, grandmother, aunty, cousin whoever! I hate it.
    I get irritated when I see my sis’s hair on the bathroom floor.
    I have my own hair brush, so some releif there.

  3. says: Sashi

    lol. same story here. My husband saw an ad the other day for sunsilk shampoo on an Indian channel which said that it will help with falling hair and he went all around the town searching for it and got me two bottles (even though I was not interested). Probably he is frustrated too.

  4. says: Reader

    Being an eternal optimist I am, I think cleaning up the shower is easier than finding single strands of hair here and there, on and off.

  5. says: sachita

    🙂 nice one. I dont like hair in food but agree with the rest.

    havent you seen how much men obsess about their less than half an inch hair – a friend of mine spends 70 bucks on his salon-wali(hair stylist is too much of a word for half an inch).

  6. says: Metlin

    Have you given thought to food in hair rather than hair in food?

    Personally, I enjoy picking out pieces of food from people’s hairs (just like monkeys and chimps) in an attempt to get back to my (monkey) roots.

    Sadly, I get beaten and kicked every time I try this, but hope (and hair) springs eternal.

    Very zen, too, given how Buddha attained enlightenment under a tree and I plan on climbing trees in an attempt to find more hairs to pick.

    Mmm, hair pickings.

  7. says: rads

    Justaroundme: lol, happens all the time!

    Metlin: Welcome back to the both of us 🙂

    Sands: lol, true that. Just that the son’s getting irritated as they two share the bathroom 🙂

    Sachita: hahaha@salon-wali. Arey, what will the poor wali do, if there isn’t much left to cut? 🙂

    Max: Ji 🙂

  8. says: rads

    Reader: Of course, just that after a good shower am waiting to run or get into bed, and teh last thing on my mind is to ‘clean’ 🙂

    Sashi: LOL! That’s a mighty sweet hint! So does that help at all? 🙂

    Praveen: This popped up this morning despite a crazy rushed schedule. Am incorrigible eh?
    Out here, bathroom floors are vinyl or tile and are dry. If all I had to do was throw a bucket of water down to wash down the drain, I’d gladly do it. 🙂

  9. says: chotusworld

    i loved ur header, goes so well with the post (im myopic so please pardon me if it isnt some one’s mane in the pic.. also my will be extinct any time sense of humor worked overtime and thought the snow flakes looked like dandruff- please to pardon me for both)

    this said.. i totally abhor hair on any wet surface (sinks, tubs and drains0.. cant sleep if i cant clean them off..

    1. says: rads

      ROFL@dandruff line 🙂

      That’s my sister’s cap on her, for her walk this summer. I’ll let her know, she’ll come get you :p

      Jokes aside, I just wanted to put up 2009 and that’s all I had!

  10. says: Sashi

    I think it helped in the beginning and again now there is hair all over the bathroom. So he keeps on asking me if I am not using the sunsilk shampoo. In between it got over and he went and got me two more bottles (even though i never asked for it!! ). Anyway, I dont think it is helping me much. I started taking multi vitamins which I think is helping.

  11. says: Saumya

    Ha! Nice one. Maddens me and the spouse. With all the hair, my grandma would have sold it for a wig, and made a meal out of the money for the next festival!

  12. says: rads

    Saumya: LOL! True, very true 🙂

    Sashi: Am sure you know that hairloss is hormonal, emotional and weather-related. Shampoos really can’t do much, just keeping it clean and a balanced ph state is my guess. You got to feed that hair from within, the only place it is alive is the root. Multivitamins (as you are doing), and a weekly iron tablet helps. Or get those pre-natal vitamins, they are awesome!

  13. says: M

    That was a hair raising post!!

    Seems like I too got a clean-freak husband who is so frustrated about the hair falling problem. Not that I am going bald. I used to get so angry at all these especially during my post-partum days that each time I have gone ahead and got an almost boy cut.

    Then have felt sad about loosing that long hair 🙂

    Luckily I think I am done having kids, otherwise next time when the hair will start falling like crazy in the post-partum days, I might go and shave my head 🙂

  14. says: rads

    M: heh@hair woes. Happens to all post-partum crazy moms. It’s the need for a new “look” I think. :-))

    LaVida: Sounds like a lot of us is what I hear!

    bedazzled: Neat! As long as we find awe-spiring things constantly enough.

  15. Simply awesome post Rads, I am sorry I am the finicky kind and yes I simply hate the strand of hair in the tub or on the bathroom floor. It gives me the heebie jeebies 🙂 I wonder why?

  16. says: amutha ramakrishnan

    topic every female can relate to, Sony. With four females around the house, five if we include the maid servant, my husband’s plight is a pretty sorry one. Can’t blame him for getting irritated. There seems to be hair on every available surface.

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