..and just like that “Am Back!”

A part of me that I sorely missed, and couldn’t reach, got back. It feels frikkin’ good now, and boy, how much I missed me like this!

SIMPLY Awesome!

*I know this doesn’t make sense, but hey, just be happy for me will ya?*

On that note, the next territory that I aim to conquer is the “stock market”. What the heck’s all that about anyway? Just don’t ask me to go read. I’ve been reading, and it’s just not cutting it. Any bright ideas, apart from asking me to quit, coz am not.

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19 replies on “snap”
  1. says: Desi Ninja

    ‘winners never quit, quitters never win.’ 😛
    like i never quited smoking 😉
    go ahead… screw stock-market upside down 😉

    and plz make a note to mention the basics of it for some stock-illiterates like me.

  2. says: jaya

    guess i can give a tip or two about stock market
    spend time listening / reading CNBC atleast 5-10mins a day.
    try not to look for short time.
    never buy stock when its rising, wait for it to come down 🙂

  3. says: rads

    bedazzled: Yes, first off I need to have the courage to get into the arena 🙂

    Sands: Girl! You’re the money savvy one aren’t you? Here I was hoping you’d send me a whole thesis on what and not to do.

    Jaya: Awesome! 🙂 You ought know more considering you spend so much time out on that street!

    buddy: I know!! What a relief eh? 🙂

    A&N: now what, why you smiling eh? :p

    Praveen: You are my one and awesome cheering squad 🙂

    DesiN: Thank you! I don’t quit if it’s worth it and if it’s gonna be useful some day. You illiterate too? What’s the world coming to? Young ones not interested in making money?

  4. From all that i remember from by 10 grade math ,”never buy stocks when its raising” and with all the recession ,i hear the gurus talking “its the right time for investment” – my wisdom about “stock market” stops right there!.
    ..Wish you Good Luck.

  5. says: Saumya

    I’d point you to aa book called ‘Intelligent Investor’. A book my father swears by. I have not tried it, since I run from the stock market like a plague. I look bulls in the eye and dodge swiftly lest they get me. I squabble with bears .. you get the drift!

  6. says: rads

    Saumya: Dads are awesome. Unfortunately, they have daughters (like you and me) to whom the stock-gene did not pass through. My dad’s a whiz. *sigh

    justaroundme: Well, that IS a smart move (or no-move) but if you do think that the market itself will move up, it’s good for a short buy?

  7. says: Dev

    Best of luck and here is a golden piece of advice –
    A guy called Dev is a stock market stalker by passion; so if you ever do plan to take the fundamentalist’s view of the market, dial D for Dev 😉

  8. says: sv

    Some experts say ‘ start off’ with what you like ( the industry ), and go on from there. But then, you must have read this already ..

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