” The Truth will set you free”

If that statement is valid and true, why does it feel like an expensive mistake’s been made?

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  1. says: mlc

    well.. this is what i think.. the truth should be spoken if the ‘after effects’ can b handled.. (by both speakr & listenr!!).. if not, its better left unsaid!
    and in such a case, if its still spoken, it will not set u free but wl keep u chained to it!!!

  2. hmm I think its more of a peaceful night’s sleep. I feel much better if I’ve said what is true and just leave it at that. However, blunt that may be.

    A feels that I’m selfish to do that, sometimes, mebbe I am- but atleast I spoke the truth?

    And I agree with MLC though!

  3. says: rads

    All: Been a bit under and busy, thanks all for your inputs. All I can say is, frankly, truth’s deceptive and is most definitely not a constant. 🙂

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