men have such huge

egos 🙂

The only man I knew growing up was my dad. He was and is a very fine sweet man, one who believed in a woman being independant – financially, emotionally and physically. Us sisters were raised with a notion that to survive and to be successful, we need to believe in ourselves, completely and truly and achieve independance in more ways than one.

College was when I met and interacted with guys and I was lucky to have some nice gentle ones as friends and colleagues. The husband came along and he is a dear one to respect me and trust my decisions through all my fancy tantrums and whims. There have been occasional glimpses of the above said larger than life ‘ego’ come into play, but the scenario presented itself in such comical and amusing ways that it never did left a bitter taste.

Over the years, have met and befriended folks from various streams of life, and elegnace and respectability was always valued. It was amusing at first to see grown men act like babies, behave like teenagers and at the end of it, tolerance and patience, without losing self-respect, somehow seemed to soothe things out. That was the tried and tested method. Most girls know it and it works.

Today an incident makes me wonder – so do we girls have a say in trifles or do we let men throw a childish tantrum and let them go their way. Are we being wise or are we being taken for a ride?

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  1. says: The Kid

    Actually I thought girls have a lot of a ego issues than guys.

    I have the world’s smallest ego and that should be proof enough 🙂

  2. says: Usha

    I think it is much simpler to let someone with a huge ego – man or woman – go their way.You dont think you have lost ( because our ego doesnt care about these) and it means a lot to the one witha huge ego . win/win and a lot of peace!

  3. says: leoNYdas

    You are letting yourselves being taken for a ride with or without your knowledge. 😛 What can I say some girls just can’t resist a cute guy’s puhleez. 😀

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