I have asked, begged, whined, sulked, pouted, complained, yelled and threatened for a decent good camera (and not the point and shoot which we’ve used and thrown a bunch over the years) for ages now to the husband, and have recently completed a full cycle in what was a pathetic unyielding scenario. 

As a last resort with a flicker of hope still left in me, I acted. Impulsively.  

Come Christmas morning, this is what I found under the tree with my name on it.


my baby's name: d60


It’s delicious looking, and I haven’t even begun exploring the buttons and settings yet, as I have been very busy cooking huge wedding level foods for various cousins and such. 

The story you ask? Here goes.

I was registering myself for a Pilates session come January, at the county and right there above this listing was ‘Photography’ class for adults. On an impulse, I registered the husband for it, and sent it to him as a holiday gift from me. 

I love the camera and the pictures and the whole shebang, though at this point am not hugely inclined to sit through a class or learn the mechanics myself. Who best than the husband to learn it all and then well, I can play a willing model right? Which really means that the opportunity for posing is limitless as it was 15 years ago. 😉

The guy used to have a pretty keen eye with the camera (some specific shots jump to my mind) and then well, life took over and this could be as good a time as any for him to start. A rekindling so to speak. 

So the husband thought this one through. Since he had to sit through the weekly 2 hour sessions in this convoluted and elaborate ‘making the wife happy’ process and as he couldn’t really go sit in a photography class without a camera, he had to go out and plunk some decent change onto this baby. Then, this is how smartypants brains work. As he was anyway spending a good figure on it in the times of recession, the man decided he’d gift it to me instead, and solve the whole ‘what do I get the wife for the holidays’ stressful situation! 

So there, I own the camera and click away, he sits through classes and does his assignments and hopefully by summer we’d have some neat shots to adorn the walls of our home. With this new clickety-click hobby, we hope to be one happy family! Yay!

In the meanwhile, how does it all fit in the grand scheme of this blog? You get burdened by all that I click. Worthy or otherwise. 🙂 

2009’s gonna be a fun year for all!

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17 replies on “surprise!”
  1. says: Jira

    Believe me Rads! The DSLR is way better than our point and shoots. The shots are going to be much better even in ‘auto’ mode!
    Happy clicking!!

  2. says: naren

    Sooper! I am green with envy because I’ve always wanted to be a photographer but I have the aesthetic vision of a bat. Eagerly waiting for the oeuvre.

  3. says: rads

    CW: heh, sorta true. Model’s always willing, just that the model hasn’t felt ‘modelish’ in the middle :p *pun intended*

    Narain: lol, I knoww! 😀

    hawkeye: Ah, husband was leaning towards XSi, but it was $200 or so steeper? Thank you, and yes, looking forward to it 🙂

    Adithya: Keeping up with this blog is driving me nuts enough.. Will do flickr and perhaps post pics here occ?

    naren: lol@bat. you should reserve judgement till you see the ones I pile here 🙂
    Considering my day’s packed with to-do and don’t really indulge in fancy floral scenic walks, mine are most likely gonna be of nuts, bolts, weighing scales and dry oatmeal 😛

    Praveen: I hope so too! 🙂

    Jira: ha, yea. I see that. I went trigger happy on our christmas tree all of yesterday 🙂

  4. says: Ashwin

    Wow. Can’t wait to see the awesome shots you’ll start to post. Use a photo management app like Aperture (if you’re on a Mac) or Light Room (if you’re on Windows/Mac). This will enhance your photo experience plus the photo management is also easy.

    dSLR is in my wish list for almost a year now. Let’s see what happens next year.

  5. Super! Congrats!!

    It’ll be another year atleast before I can think of a DSLR, right now I have to make do with my cybershot..

    Is that the kit lens? 18-55mm?

    Enjoy! 🙂

  6. says: gauri

    Pity you couldn’t click that picture with the new one 😉 Looking forward to seeing weighing scales and dry oatmeal (lol@that!).

    Happy New Year to you 🙂


  7. says: rads

    gauri: heh, well, considering my life’s filled with that, oatmeal can be made to look appetizing I suppose 😉

    whencut: Been awhile! Yep, that’s the lens. Thank you! 🙂

    metlin: Those were some spectacular snaps. Thanks for the link, and waiting to learn more! 🙂

    Ashwin: Thanks for the tip. Checked Aperture and it costs 😐 Let me get into it and perhaps will see what I can do.
    Next year is just 3 days away 🙂

  8. Rads.. yeah i dont come online too often these days… guess tht will be the state of affairs till the end of feb! 🙁

    @Metlin… HDR can be done even with basic point and shoots.. its a method of post processing.. 🙂

  9. says: metlin

    Whencutdeep –

    Yes, HDR can be done with point and shoot cameras; however, you need to change the exposure levels manually and take multiple pictures of the same object at different exposures. This is often hard without a good tripod.

    With a DSLR, you already have the exposure information within the RAW images, and you can create HDRs with just a single picture.

    HDR is more than just post-processing – if you did not capture the breadth of the ranges (it is High Dynamic Range), then there is no way that you can depict that range in the final piece. Post-processing or otherwise.


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