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Decided I’d do some shameless advertising of my sidebar and all the stuff that’s out there. Especially since Ive noticed no one’s really clicking on any of them, and I’ve put them out there for the very precise reason of “sharing” – a concept that’s clearly going out of fashion I sadly observe. *sniff

The widgets have been shifted around a little bit, I know there’s comfort in constancy, but occasionally juggling them around wakes you up and makes you pay attention to what’s out there too. Here’s a listing:

  1. Books – A visual of the book am currently reading, and the review of which would be linked again in the page – Books.
  2. Pages – As is obvious, these are pages that I consciously update by linking to various posts I dish on the main page. They don’t have a feed, so you may want to check occasionally, especially if you aren’t a super regular.
  3. tweet tweet – The twitter feed, mine and a few friends I follow. Some days the twitters get noisy, some days its silence, but it sure is fun. Join in if you consider yourself a twitterer! Lotsa fun me thinks.
  4. Feed off these – My g’readers’ latest – 3 posts at a time. I think sharing’s cool. Isn’t it natural that you’d want to share? As in – here, take a look, this is what am reading. Apparently, there are folks who question the need to share as in “why’d anyone else want to read what I do”. That’s besides the point imho. Unless of course you are reading some truly flaming shady material, or maybe such hi-funda stuff that one would imagine no other mortal can get. Ok, getting off my mean horse, perhaps a sensible explanation would be that the person’s private? Ah well, in any case, here’s mine!
  5. Weekly Spotlight – Over the past few days I’ve been reading some of my posts in the archives and trying to get them organized from the haphazard way I’d originally tagged them. If I remember correctly, WP came up with categories later on, but it was just too much of a hassle to re-org it all. What I did want to do was to now read back and see what slots seemed appropriate and then chuck the misnomers and outliers. During the process, I laughed at some memorable posts and then some I’d completely forgotten about, and some that made me feel warm and fuzzy, and then there were some that were so silly, I cringed! Yet again, there were some fair enough ones, as a few made sense on the content and a few on the style and the words and some even by the comments and feedback from the readers. Figured, hey, why not actually dig ’em up and do what comes naturally – share. That would be a weekly exercise, to dig up and present. So watch that space for a blast from the past. .
  6. Same sentiments as above, just making it a random click, thanks to Adithya, the gradwolf! *updated April 1st*
  7. Posts folks a-diggin’ – 6 top posts that feature in the stats count in WP, ones folks are either stumbling on from various search engines and/or are actively digging through.
  8. Wisps: All my tags, the larger the font, the more posts I have on them. Yep, that’s right. Didn’t say they were the best, but there they are.
  9. Attic Finds: Archives. Pick a month, or choose a tag to dig stuff up. I wish I had a “random post” option in this template, that would be fun, and more like a “tada, surprise!” option.

The rest is same old. There, I feel much better already!

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11 replies on “blog update”
  1. says: rads

    Baph: As you read this:

    1. slowly shift your gaze to about 20 degrees to your right [and the monitor’s left]..
    2. Keep moving till you see a vertical dividing hazy gray line. Stop.
    3. Then proceed to freely let your eyes shift along the 90 degree line.
    4. Once you reach the top header with the green tunnel and me zooming within the car you see, stop.
    5. Now on the top right – you will see 4 white inconsequential words – Home, About, Books, fables.
    6. Force that mouse to hover on ‘Home’
    7. Bravely, let the forefinger click on it.
    8. You will be directed to the blog’s Home page.
    9. Now once there shift your gaze once again to the farthest right and stick to the 90 degree angle.
    10. Starting off my “sidebar” is a very attractive maroon sari clad woman. There are anklets on those soft feet. You can’t miss those, now can you?
    11. That dear Baph is the beginning of the elusive “sidebar”
    12. Travel further down and I have a bumper sticker that says “i heart mojitos” – which I really do. Though unfortunately for you, a visual is all am serving on this ‘sidebar’
    13. Scroll down for more goodies, but keep in mind that once you deter from the 90 degree line, you can kiss yourself lost from the ‘bar’


  2. says: rads

    Baph: As with everything you try, you have outdone yourself.

    tsk tsk, one month down and corporate lingo’s taken over already! ;–)

  3. says: daisy

    sorry- I haven’t mentioned this before, I love your books section.Infact I picked up 3 books by Chithra Banerjee last week( and read) because of you- not to mention The twentieth wife( waiting to read) and Monsoon dairy(loved it!)

  4. says: mayG

    oh bless the wisps, weekly spotlights, attic finds and fables page!

    ..still pretty new to your blog, at least now I don’t come here looking like an envelope without any address on it 😉

  5. says: rads

    mayG: haha, yea. Am such a brag :–D

    Adithya: It’s thateasy? :O Gosh! Trust me to think it was template specific. :
    Thanks a bunch. :–)

    Praveen: It comes with the territory ;–)

    daisy: Am just glad I’ve nudged you. Thank you :–)

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