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It was ages ago that I did this Visual DNA, and thinking about it this evening, I guessed my answers would be a bit different. After all, we do change and I know I have since last year.

Was most definitely fun doing thsi again, and boy did I spend some time clicking various pictures clickety-click. On a reassuring, yet a bit surprising note, the ones that didn’t change are the ones I know about me. Interesting how it all pans out 🙂 There are a bunch of others too, which pretty much translates to a very entertaining girly giggly way of wasting time.

Unfortunately, I can’t paste the pretty imagery here : , but yes, please click on it. Of course you must please click and waste your precious time too.

Youniverse Personality TestYouniverse Personality Test
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  1. says: rads

    sthitha: LOL. Nooo, In fact I’d like for everyone to do it. Thought I’d be killed if I convert this to a tag. 🙂

    Praveen: Did I tell you am jobless? Yah, I am joblesss and have ridiculous amouts of patience for such useless questionnaires 🙂

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