on losses and setbacks

Okay, didn’t mean to make it sound like the Wallstreet fundus, but since I got 11 [7 emails, 2 on chat, and 2 comments] of you asking me what happened to the risque post I published last evening, here’s the why.

It was a ridiculous piece of information I came across on the net, while lazing an afternoon at work, with no work and nothing useful to provide my 2 cents in. Without thinking too much I went ahead and made it a post. Now, for the record, I am no shy lily, and I have no issues writing rated stuff – albeit eloquently or elegantly, which I try.

Some time ago I’d written a review of Vettaiyadu Vilayadu. Those days I was just another simpleton blogging away without caring too much on my audience, both the visible and the hidden lurkers. Over the past few months when I decided to pay a little more attention on the ways someone lands on my blog, I was quite surprised [intially] that there were folks querying:

[Using anagrams]

PEAR – brute force used against a woman for pleasure.

D KANE women – one for ‘in the buff’.

DUNE women – another one for ‘in the buff’

PEAR / DUNE  scene, PEAR / D KANE / DUNE scenes in tamil movies, V V PEAR scene, and it goes on.

I didn’t pay too much attention until last week, I believe I had close to 40 hits just on those searches alone. Imagine that! Bloody Hell. That completely creeped me out. I have my babies pictures up and I tend to write a few things on the personal front, and even if I had to give the searchers some benefit of doubt, I sure didn’t want folks looking for such stuff online to be reading me. Call me biased, whatever. Feeding your basic instinct is but carnal. No issues and am not getting judgemental on it, but please not on my property. Thank you very much.

So, in the heat of the moment [pun unintended] I posted the damned survey. Within 2 hours, the hits dramatically rose. So I deleted it.

It sucks that I need to be on guard, but am sure there are ways to work around this, and until I find it, I am going to be careful on what words I use here. Also quite aware that I cannot completely control what comes my way, but what I can; I shall.

So there you go folks, hope that helped. That post would have been soooo much fun. Too bad! 🙂

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23 replies on “on losses and setbacks”
  1. says: apenny

    Call it coincidence !!
    I was just asking my friend on who are these people from all over the world, coming into my site albeit for 0 seconds. I was asking her on how they find my blog as they dont do any searches nor are led to my site by my comments.
    All the blognames on these urls lead to xxx sites and I guess they were collecting my email id to spam me, ofcourse !!

  2. says: rads

    apenny – the stuff that happens on the net is unbelievable.

    Metlin – well, it’s not like I care too much, just being aware of what’s happening. Doesn’t mean I won’t post what I want to 😉

  3. says: some body


    make that 11(+1) [of course, now i know … and understand!].


    when i recently got an unsolicited e-mail from someone addressing me by name [note, neither my name nor my e-mail id are mentioned anywhere] and accusing me of leaving a comment that i did not, i scaled back commenting drastically.

    – s.b.

  4. says: w h

    > Those days I was just another simpleton blogging
    > away without caring too much on my audience, both
    > the visible and the hidden lurkers

    Those days were much better, and your writing was a lot more interesting.

    I don’t know if how carefully you follow music, but I’ll just cite this example. Javed Akhtar is OK when it comes to his poetry, but then, they are just average and OK. The reason is that he writes for his audience, he writes for movies.
    On the other hand Gulzar is one of the greatest Urdu poets alive today. Gulzar doesn’t write for an audience, he writes for himself, and that he writes for himself can be felt in his poems.

    The funny thing is, although Javed Akhtar writes for an audience, you can never identify yourself with Javed Akhtar’s poems (at least I can’t), and although Gulzar essentially writes for himself, I can always identify myself with his poems.

    I’m sure Faiz didn’t write for an audience, neither did Mir nor Ghalib.

  5. says: w h

    > it’s not like I care too much, just being aware of
    > what’s happening. Doesn’t mean I won’t post what I
    > want to
    That does have a bearing on your writing. What you would have written in some other way, you might write differently now, and trust me honey, that makes all the difference between Gulzar and Javed Akhtar, though the contents remain the same.

  6. I don’t know how carefully you follow biryani-making, but I’ll just cite this example. Chicken Biryani cooks are OK when it comes to their ingredients, but then, they are just average and OK. The reason is that they cook for their audience, they cook for their paying customers.

    On the other hand mutton-biryani cooks are one of the greatest genre of cooks alive today. Mutton-biryani cooks don’t cook for an audience, they cook for themselves, and that they cook for themselves can be felt in every grain of that biryani.

    The funny thing is, although chicken biryani cooks cook for an audience, you can never identify yourself with their biryanis (at least I can’t), and although mutton biryani cooks essentially cooks for themselves, I can always identify myself with their wonderful creations.

    I’m sure Kashmiri pulav cooks didn’t cook for an audience, neither did zafrani pulav cooks nor navratan-pulav cooks.


  7. Ok, skipping past the eponymous analogy (would be too easy), how about: paal payasam, chakra pongal, semia payasam, iduchu-puzhinja payasam, paal-adai pradaman


  8. says: Silvara

    *shudder* that is creepy…i think the weirdest one i have gotten was “sari pallu cleavage” which I don’t even recall writing anything to that effect lol.

    it’s a fine line between freedom of thought and the consequences from it 🙂

  9. says: cydonian


    That, sadly, is a very non-nuanced take on biryani making. You have to understand, the true art of biryani-making is, in fact, with the dum-biryani makers, for they make biryani not only for themselves or for paying customers, but for The Almighty herself. Which is why only but the truest devotees can appreciate their fine-craft.

    In fact, so fine is their craft, that with the right cook, rice grains can turn into fluffy cotton-beads that only tease the contours of one’s tongue, while delicately getting on with the real business of being eaten.

    Therefore, pay no heed to false gurus. Dum biryani is where it is at; everyone’s invited, age no bar, IQ no bar, meat (or the lack of it thereof) no bar.

  10. says: cydonian

    Silvara: I once got a visitor searching for, I kid you not, “Sri Lankan women nude green curry”. Apparently, a mere half mention of travels in South East Asia did the trick. This is the non-pornographic, completely-textual, absolutely-no-nudity-whatsoever culprit.

  11. says: Baliga

    honestly when u are aware who the reader is and ur not happy about it, it does inadvertently effect the way u write. or more importantly what u dont write.. it would be at the back of ur mind at the very least..

  12. says: rads

    Baliga – Yep, unless we can push the sub-conscious out, which does take some effort.

    Cyd – lol@biriyani. One of these days I am gonna sue you for a large pot of it! Had yellow thai curry yesterday, and boy was it yum! 🙂

    Slivara – lol, am sure with all your sari talk, cleavage was a given 😉
    Yea, freedom of expression indeed 🙂

    Pilgrim – At the very least, losses = lost/deleted post and setback = the changes I needed to make.
    There’s a grander scale to that title of course 🙂

    BPSK – omygoodlord@payasams – please tell me you dont cook them or at the very least get to have them on a regular basis!
    Had some paladai pradaman last month at a friend’s Onam bash. Need to learn how to make it.
    rofl@biriyani analogy! Too much biriyani talk *sad

    OK – you so did! 😀 If you have me on a reader it still shows, me thinks.

    sb – yep. Thanks! 🙂

  13. says: rads

    wh – Those days were much better, and your writing was a lot more interesting.

    Surely, the statement was a shot in the dark! But then again, it’s reading, and [as is writing] is subjective and you are entitled to your opinion. 🙂

    Modesty shmodesty aside, as long as I am intersting to me, the rest will take care of itself. I don’t cater, if I did every post of mine would have more input/comments than necessary. Fortunately, I am blessed with readers who have their heads firm on their shoulders and if it was any different, I’d rather just give up blogging!

    Content and style are 2 different things. Both are open to change and are quite dependant on the writer’s moods, and the direction the blog’s headed.

    Content – Mine will always be on what I want. This is my space and I will write, post and decreed whatever I so choose. If someone doesn’t like it, too bad 🙂

    Style – well, cliched explanation: We all change with time, situation and events that happen with us, to us. It takes a higher human being to stay above it all and continue to not have any small facet of himself un-affected. I am not a writer by profession, and my blog’s a free-style-ramblings one. So yes, my style is a constant change, as I have morphed/evolved in myriad tiny ways and will continue to do so every day, and that will affect how I write.
    I wish it didn’t, but resisting change is foolish. Making the most under the given circumstances is what I hope to do, and wherever I land will be of my own doing. Which is precisely how I’d like it to be. 🙂

  14. w.h. – thanks for the promotion, dude. My brain’s frequently been accused of being located further south 😉

    Rads – jokes aside, this dehaati would like to know how to track these details. And, will it work on Blogger?


  15. says: rads

    BPSK – yes, blogger is better, wp sorta cramps the style a bit.

    1. Statcounter.com [I prefer this]
    2. Sitemeter.com

    Enjoy behind-the-scene-action extravaganza! 🙂

  16. says: w h

    Rads.. It wasn’t a shot in the dark. Apart from that, I don’t know, I maybe be become a little too fastidious, or maybe I have started expecting too much from your writing, it does seem that a lot of what you write these days are half baked bread, as BPSK would put it.
    I’m not asking you to change; just telling you honestly what I feel about your writing.

    BPSK: 😉

  17. says: rads

    wh – *ouch* what can I say, I am what I am. Maybe I am dishing half-baked bread after all, can’t expect me to serve delicious all the time. I am no super-woman 🙂

  18. 😀 I get those too. comments telling me i have sold out and playing to the gallery and how it affects my writing. i dont claim to be working on a classic. its just blogging! and how does it matter whether 10 ppl read it or 10 lakh? now if i were getting paid by each reader it would be a diff matter!

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