a & a wedding?

Guess what today’s Style section of Washington Post brought it?

Tall, dark and handsome Abhishek – the legendary Amitabh Bachan’s son and Aishwarya Rai – Ms.World and glorified as one of the most beautiful person’s in the world are getting hitched – like in marriage!

They look quite a perfect pair – liked them in the movie – Kuch Na Kaho.

Abhishek is a classy young man, raised well, and shows immense potential as an actor. His performance in Sarkar was noteworthy, he held his own despite his dad’s presence. After the number of flops and sour relationships the guy’s been through I admire his pluck and determination to make it in the industry. Very few star-sons would have made it through. Now, when people talk about Abhishek, it’s him they talk about, not as his dad’s son. That’s an achievement in itself. Amitabh’s status in Bollywood is just amazing.
.. and I also think he is a handsome attractive dude.

Aishwarya – she is gorgeous. Period. She’s come a long way in her “acting” . I thought she did well in Raincoat, and even Devdas. The problem as I see it is that people or critics cannot look past her beauty, and the aura she carries around her due to the title and all the hype that went along with it. Ive seen her interviews on Oprah, Letterman and NBC, and yea, she seemed a little cuckoo and not polished as you’d want her to represent herself or even desi, but when you really think about it – it must be a pressure to be her. To please everyone, desis in india, outside india, the non-desis, and still maintain her own self. It’s a tough job, but again, she has help. You’d imagine she would do better. Ive seen her interview years before the Bride and Prejudice marketing started and she seemed like a very level-headed woman. Excellent diction, diplomatic, and put-together. No giggles, or shrill laughter [a kid could tell she was nervous on Letterman, NBC] Her exposure on International TV [read US TV] was not what I’d say accurate.
She’s probaly a simple girl at heart and wants to live life her way without any judgements and maybe Abhishek is in the same situation as her. Two hugely celebrated personas found the other’s real person.
O heck, I am a romantic – sue me :–)

In any case, I sure hope they know what they are doing, and good luck to the couple.

I’d be hopping mad if this were a celebrity stunt!

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  1. says: rads

    haha, the more days pass, am like ‘whatever’ – I like Abhishek – a lot, and Aish – she’s pretty, that I can give. 🙂

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