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These two 80’s tamil movies started off with new entrants, in fresh new romances with two very diverse endings. The dutiful and binding, safe and sticking to traditions and respectful rights and wrongs and then the bold ones rebelling against traditions. The way these movies ended were hardly of importance compared to how they were landed at that climax. The movie in itself.

I was barely 10, and I am quite sure I didn’t go to the movies to watch them. It was a couple of years later when the VCR could be rented out for the weekend and cassettes brought home and mom had allowed us to sit along with them and watch. I do know that she was very displeased with Muthuraman’s son’s film, and was praising Pratap Pothen’s role in Suresh’s flick.

It didn’t matter to me. I was secretly having massive crushes on Karthik and Suresh (yes, I know they look like dorks, but hey, I was a child!) alternately. In fact I preferred Suresh then. Also the fact that they shot a few scenes at my school and also in Kodaikanal/Ooty (I forget which now) school. Familiar and identifiable, it was high school romances, something most girls and guys too I guess perhaps hope for. I was in an all-girls school, so no such luck on distractions of the hormonal kind while trying to figure out the periodic table, but it had its advantages. Girls spoke freely and loudly. Such joy I tell you, without having to worry about keeping it low, using code and well, one could shout “ooo, were you on the 8.15? did you see this Pratap on 47A? he did something to his hair, very cute!” and one more would scream across the hall “Guess what? I got a NOTE!” and then one more would whine “Damn, am early, damn why me, why now!?!“,and then there’d be one more discussing why she wasn’t as endowed as she wished despite doing her exercises and eating bunches of almonds (Don’t ask, I donno!).

Then of course after 12 years of such bliss, we come out into the real world, and are forced to be discreet. Bah! Luckily, blogs came along and here we are chattering whatever comes to mind with no remorse or embarrassment, just like good old times!

Okay, I’ve digressed as usual, but yea, the songs from these movies. Lovely tunes. Of course they were IR, he pretty much ruled those days, and rightfully so. What was and is still an appeal is that they were fresh. The faces, the themes in the way they were handled, settings, and the music. Movies were beginning to reflect the lives of youngsters and reality was creeping into the celluloid in a more tangible pleasing way.

Tune ONE
Movie: Panneer Pushpangal.
Song: Ananda Ragam Ketkum Kalam

Suresh, who’sthatgirl?

Through this song, you see the camaraderie, casualness, and the shy factor creeping in occasionally, the awe of youth and the bond of friendship building between the two. It’s cute. It is hormone driven to an extent but is shown as based on a likeness which has clarity to it, a reasoning behind it.


Tune TWO
Song: Kaathal Oviyum
Movie: Azhaigal Oyvadillai

Actors: Karthik, Radha

This is love and desire all entwined. It’s plain and simply the lure of the youth and the way nature intended it. This song is much better in the way it was picturized as opposed to “ayiram thamarai which being an excellent melody with the tempo setting the background for some cozy (read: hot lyrics included) scenes, somehow pales next to the one below. My opinion, please don’t beat me up all you IR fans, and I know there are a bunch of you reading me.


Alaigal Oyvathillai was a bigger hit than Panneer Pushpanagal which remains my favorite. Not because they were goody two shoes, but just for the sweetness of it. Am sure they exist in telugu too, I just don’t know the names either to google them and no one was around to ask either! (yes, You, you know who you are, *glaring!)

Lovely tunes. Enjoy your Friday. πŸ™‚

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22 replies on “two tunes”
  1. says: rads

    O yes!!
    Also, love that song.
    “vengaya samabarum vegadha sorum kedakira edam enga mess” πŸ™‚ Couldn’t find the youtube link..

  2. My opinion, please don’t beat me up all you IR fans, and I know there are a bunch of you reading me.

    Oh. no! I agree wholeheartedly. “Kaadhal Oviyam” is a lot better than “Ayiram Thamarai”. I say that mostly because I am usually turned off by the screaming chorus in IR’s songs of that time. It’s another matter that his voice turns me off sometimes too, but I have to admit he certainly has/had the knack of choosing the right songs to sing. Sadly that has not seemed to rub off on his son(s).

  3. says: Adithya


    :O ..naane ketturken!

    Yes, and I have to bring my mom into all this again. These were all around her time. Som she kinda likes these movies. And my dad totally dislikes these coz they are tragedies, if am not wrong.

    Another memorable movie of that time is Ninaivelam Nithya. Karthik again? Gee, Schmetterling, I know so much :> :p

  4. says: maxdavinci

    Isnt that guy Suresh Krissna? He later went on to make films like annamalai, baasha n many others. ofcourse there were alavandhan n baba as well!

    This song was even before I was born methnks. cant comment anything bout it also since me more of a RDB fan than IR.

    gradwolf seems to have abhimanyu type info bout these old songs!

  5. I think they were fresh love stories during that time. People loved the new pairs and freshness of the story. I guess people were tired of revenge stories. I liked the songs of Alaigal Oyvathillai and the photography in Paneer pushpangal.

  6. says: rads

    Dinesh: Yep! Panneer Pushpangal had the whole hill-touristy setting down pat. Such beautiful locales! πŸ™‚

    Max: Suresh. I dinno he had a Krishna. Suresh acted in many more movies too, just don’t think he had the backing of Karthik.

    Adithya: PaniVizhum is again another lovely number! lol@visual. well, doubt even they’d want to look at themselves and they are stars! lol@bringing in mom. Sure πŸ˜€

    Superstarska: You welcome πŸ˜€
    Amen to all those ‘lalala’ and ‘oooo’ and ‘jumjumjum’ etc! Now I shall bravely vent on how certain sounds are just so not necessary for his music to be perfect.
    oh@sons. No clue at all. Maybe it would skip a generation?

    Schmetterling: I know! πŸ™‚ Well, we still listen to oldies from the b&w era right, now think of this as an in-between.

  7. says: RamN

    Suresh & Suresh Krishna are different people. Suresh also did the famous character “ganesh” of writer Sujatha’s in a tele-serial. He occasionally shows up in some serials these days.

  8. says: rads

    Ram: Ah! My bad, I mistook the names. I believe Suresh acts like the ‘bad guy’ in serials these days, Don’t get to watch much unfortunately. πŸ™‚

    Radhika: yes, they do right? πŸ™‚ These days ive been spending more time than I should on Youtube!

    bookworm: *gasp! Even YOU know the songs? Yesss.. it IS a nice song. I’d forgotten all about this one!

    Stitha: SPB sounds so different tho in ‘saagara sangamam’ no?

    Praveen: lol, yes, I still think Suresh looks cute, and no I won’t search for how he looks now, as even I don’t look like how I did when i was 10. ;-p

  9. says: deitaDi

    yayy!! Another IR post!!

    as others pointed out, “Azhaigal Oyvadillai” is SeetaakOka chilaka in telugu

    panneer pushpangal was dubbed as “Madhura geetam”

    Pliss to let me know if you need telugu version of any of the songs!

    chosing between “aayiram thaamarai” and “kathal oviyum” is bery bery difficult, but if I were to carry one and only one mp3 to a deserted island, I would pick “kaathal oviyum” over “aayiram thaamarai” πŸ˜€

    The telugu version has some pretty amazing lyrics too!

    “nEnE neevugaa, puvvu taavigaa
    samyOgaala sangeetaalu virisE vELalO” ufff!

    The other fantabulous song in the movie “alalu kalalu” has the following lines

    “nuvvu paTTucheera kaDitE O puttaDibomma,
    aa kaTTubaDiki tarinchEnu paTTu purugu janma”

    the other song that bookworm mentioned, “saagara sangamamE”, IR composed that espeshally for the telugu version. Actually, the sound track of the movie, both tamizh and telugu, is source of great deal of trivia for IR fans πŸ™‚

    “kannula lOna” (poonthalir aaDa in tamizh) from madhura geetam is a pretty awesome melody too!

    And dam dam madam, what is this second guessing going on about IR’s ludes and use of orchestra?! Sacrilege I say!!

    Thanks for reminding these melodies.. ekkaDikO vellipOyaa.. similar IR songs vinTu πŸ™‚ And sorry about the blabbering – could not control πŸ˜€

  10. says: rads

    deitaDi: LOL!
    poonthalir ada – is a lovely song tooo!
    No worries on blabbering, am used to these kinda comments now, from all your music people. In fact I’d find it weird if you didn’t take off πŸ™‚

    Yes yes, why’d I say no to songs? Pls send πŸ™‚

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