tag 16 – quirky

Dinesh tagged me to write 6 quirky things about me and here we go:


Q U I R K Y – Characterized by peculiarity of action, behavior, or personality; mannerism.

QQuixotic: Remember Don Quixote? The word quixotic derived from this character is to describe an individual who is an impractical idealist bent on fixing things and performing random acts of chivalry. I feel like Quixote, old and clownish aiming for things far removed from reality.

UUbiquitous, that’s me. Trying to do a million things at one time, wanting and stressing me and everyone around me to be everywhere, wishing cloning was legal and available and wanting to pack everything in quick, coz one never knows what’s gonna happen next.

I – Irony. There is a distinct incongruity between what one may expect and what actually occurs. I smile frozen on my face, at the role it occupies alongside of me.

R Raconteur: I am a storyteller. The stories not necessarily would make sense, or have a vividness to them, at the beginning or end, but I am a rambling raconteur. I know that much.

KKnucklehead: That I am when sarcasm is used. I don’t get it. That’s how the world is around me. Hence am a knucklehead for all practical living purposes.

Y Yearn. I believe it will be the bane of me. If there is a God, he better start putting together a bunch of plan B’s, coz I sure could use a few.


This time, I’d like to tag all those sweet boy-men who have been judiciously supporting me through the posts, as I run a marathon of 31 days. As a reward and a token of appreciation I tag you with this. I know what you thinking “If this is an appreciation, can’t imagine a rebuke”, but no, I truly mean it. Your everyday presence at the blog commenting and otherwise has goaded me on to stick to something I would have normally given up awhile ago. Of course for the sakes of tagging am choosing the boys, but there are the rest who shall all get their ‘appreciations’ in due time, and not necessarily n the form of a tag. 🙂

Max, Stitha, Pavan, Baphomet, Gradwolf and Praveen. Could you please do it guys? It isn’t too bad. Lots of room for humor, fantasy and even some heavy duty serious stuff.

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