baby steps

Am a cook of convenience. I know some dishes well. Well enough to replicate with consistency in taste and look. The rest I make up as I go along. It’s worked great for me and the family so far. Let’s forget the husband for a wee bit here.

I am no baker. I built it up slowly from the age of 20 back home on that pineapple upside down cake and was going uphill up until 2003. I made lovely brownies from Duncan Hines boxes, and the kids were innocent enough to eat it and think Mom’s awesomest ever! Then apparently during the pregnancy and the subsequent birth of my munchkin I shed that skill or it dumped me. The jury’s out but the repercussions persist.

My life in the kitchen has never been the same again.

They don’t call me tenacious for nothing. I don’t give up until I die trying. So I do, once in awhile of course, just so I don’t exhaust folks around me trying to keep up.

I got a brownie pack again. Baked. I got this.

  • Look: Black
  • Taste: Burnt
  • Feel: BoneHard.

perfectly burnt

I let it go.

Tried again a few days back, in a fit of enthusiasm on welcoming the kids home after they were at camp for a few days. I woke up early, fired the oven, opened the Duncan Hines again, broke the eggs, poured the oil and counted the 50 strokes, and cajoled the mix into teeny little bundt pans. Watched the timer like a hawk and Voila, pulled them out in time. They smelt great. Here:

  • Look: Browner than Brown
  • Taste: Bien!
  • Feel: BoneHard.


Note to self: Baby steps girl, baby steps. 1.5 out of three ain’t bad at all. We’ll get through this together. Keep baking. We’ll get ’em foodies one day. Yeah baby we will.

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21 replies on “baby steps”
  1. says: metlin

    Those look rather nice. Unfortunately, they are not vegetarian.

    You know the one thing that I’d really like to perfect is making a good loaf of bread. It’s a very European thing, and that’s a skill that’s very hard to find.

    1. says: rads

      Metlin, coz they have egg? I suppose I could make them without egg and the results wouldn’t differ much :

      ..and o yes!Amen@European bread. *dreaming of those baguettes now*

  2. says: A&N

    I was going to send you some other bread. Mebbe I could send you some baguette as well 🙂 ( Our baguettes so far have sucked :|) But other breads are fantastic. The next one in your name 😉

    I love those bundt pans!

  3. says: Kokonad

    I am no baking expert, but I have been lucky at the kitchen with things! My mom’s a culinary genius, so that might explain a few things! The first batch of brownies will come in good use for kambal pitaai, but the second one has set me off drooling! I sure want to eat some today. Grocery store, here I come. 🙂

  4. says: munimma

    Do you have a convection oven? as opposed to a conventional oven? Try taking it out a little earlier.

    You are on your way to being a baker, it does look good.

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