7 in 7

Last November I ambitiously declared that I’d lose 10 pounds in 48 days. I lost about 8 pounds and since then have done a few experiments here and there and went ahead and dedicated a page for the effort on this page here.  It has been gratifying to an extent to see many more who joined in different ways and have taken away something from my outbursts. Anything to get that fat to pack bags and move, right?

After that, a few girlfriends and I have done similar jaunts in small private groups, but to be brutally honest, they have not been half as successful as the one I did out here. I speak for myself of course. I am guessing the accountability factor including my own drive to better myself helps. Willpower has never been the issue, just to what extent and results that stay consistent despite our everyday lives is always the challenge.

Incidentally, the daughter reminded me yesterday that it’s been 9 months since she’s had a sip of soda. During Christmas holidays, she walks up to me and say “Mom, I’ve decided to give up soda.” and chuckled along with the rest of us skeptics, but truly the laughs on us as the girl’s remained steadfast and diligently orders water while the son of course gulps down her share of soda on our dinner outings, every single time since then! ..and she’s all of 14, and the  regular ‘hanging together’ with friends is almost always accompanied with copious amounts of sodas and junk food. Yet, she sticks her ground.

Surely, there’s something in there for me to take away?

So, am thinking, I’ve reached a dress size am very comfortable in,(and in fact this sits loose on me so there’s room to go further down, but I refuse to continue to ‘upgrade’ wardrobe – it’s becoming a very expensive proposition in these times!) and the weight has reduced considerably since last August (20.6 lbs to be exact), however there’s the fat percentage that’s being a tad stubborn. Add to the fact that my knee still continues to hurt and it’s been a year despite me stretching, dancing and doing all what I can to take stress off it. Then there’s this small factor of paying membership for the gym that am not using anymore (and getting a earful from the husband for it, every weekend), things are adding up.

Desperate situations require desperate measures. So here I go shooting my fingers off again:

Longterm goal: Get cardio-fit.
Short-term Goal: 7 pounds in 7 weeks. (more fat pounds than just pounds)
Details: Drop in fat percentage and hit the gym for a fat burning workout 4 times a week.
Duration: Starts this week – August 10th and ends on the week of Sep 28th.

Apart from increasing water and protein intake, I don’t anticipate a significant change (there will be a few of course) in what I cook or eat, so the biggest move will be to head to the gym, and what I do there.

Still unclear of how I’d record or what I’d post 7 Mondays, but it shall most definitely be recorded. All suggestions and pointers welcome…

*yessir, the crazy lady is back in town!*

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40 replies on “7 in 7”
    1. says: rads

      LOL Max! Dude, do you see support flowing here, coz I sure don’t! :p

      It helps me Max, purely selfish motives if you ask me 🙂

  1. says: sraikh

    Hey I need to work on my last 10 or 20 lbs.

    I am very good about working out. Its eating that needs to be worked on.

    If you have never done free weights, it something I suggest you look into. Start with 5/8/10 lbs and do bicep curls/tricep dip/ and you will start seeing results soon.
    Also do squats/lunges are very good for working the legs.

    1. says: rads

      O yes, you are the 4th person who’s suggesting free weights! I should give them a try and maybe I will. How many reps do you do? I can do a 10 lb easily.

      Lunges and squats are going to be hard with my knee. Will have to check with doc.

      1. says: sraikh

        I do 3 sets of 12 reps. I lift a weight that makes the last 2-3 reps reallly difficult. I clench my teeth and grit my face and then lift that sucker.

        I use 15(bicep hammer curl)/17.5(chest)/20(2 arms back tricep extension wala) and some I still am at 5 lbs and 10 lbs for others though.

        I just worked to 65lbs bench presses, which I am so proud of.:)

        Ignore the lunges and squats then. At the gym, ask one of the trainers to set you up with the circuit weights as well.

        I use them on and off. But mostly I hang out with the big guys at the free weights.

        I can go on and on about this. email me if you need more info.

        1. says: rads

          Boy! You are one of those women I watch from behind my magazine perched safely on my bike!

          I do my cardio and I swear by weights, but I do machine weights and they’ve made a ton of difference. Just never felt the need to venture into free weights. After hearing you and doc say similar stuff, am forced to look into it and I will. Since am half baked at this point wrt what I can do with those charming weights and then this dumb stiff knee, I really think I need to go visit the doc. 😐

  2. says: Rambodoc

    Sorry, Rads, but that is some ghastly advice sraikh gave you (sorry, dude!). The perspective needs addressing (in guru voice):
    1. Fat loss comes from what you do in the grocery store, kitchen and dining table. The gym is NOT the place to lose fat. I repeat, focus on the nutrition, and you will get your target easily.
    2. You do not become strong or slim by doing isolation exercises like biceps curls, triceps kickbacks and pect decks. They are for vain men who would like to flaunt essentially cosmetic muscle. The real muscles that need developing, especially for women, are those you can’t see when you stand in front of the mirror.
    3. Continuing from there, those muscles are part of the ‘posterior chain’– the hamstrings, glutes, and the back muscles. Make these strong, and you will be slim as well. Why? Because working these large muscle groups burns calories and restores balance to the forces that act on your joints and cause pains (your knee pain, for example). This means doing squats, deadlifts, glute bridges, and more squats.
    4. If you want to lose fat quicker when you are already on a healthy nutritional plan, you can kick your metabolism by doing… cardio?? NO! Do bodyweight circuits, or use a simple barbell without weights and do a complex like this:
    5 back squats
    5 bent over rows
    5 hang clean and press
    5 front squats with overhead press
    5 lunges (each leg)
    Each repetition should take you 2-3 secs. So the total complex is going to take you around 1 minute max, because you aint resting in between these exercises. Take 90 to 120 secs rest, and do the next set. Try to do one more set after that. So you have a total workout time of around 15 minutes, and it smokes you, even if you don’t put plates on the bar!
    These complexes are far more effective than cardio. The latter is boring, and is a torture.
    5. Re nutrition, the easy way to cut calories is cut out grains and processed crap. Once that is done, up your proteins and feel free to eat natural fats. Fats and proteins give you satiety and keep you off food for hours, something grain-based diets cannot.
    6. Please remit $160 as my consultation fees to my Pay-a-Pal account.
    BTW, you will be happy to know that I am soon launching a website for obesity management, including bariatric surgery. I am not blogging any more because writing articles and site design issues are eating up my free time.
    Lots of chocolate, er, I mean love!

    1. says: Naren

      Thanks for that. I’ve been meaning to ask you about it – squats and dead-lifts.


      P.S. Please tell me Single Malt whisky has less than one calorie

    2. says: sraikh


      I am not a dude, I am mom of 4 kids who lost 65 lbs in the past 2 years.:)

      I agree with what you saying. doing supersets. Lunges/Squats/Deadlift are all really good exercises,but if her knee is already weak, wouldnt doing a lunge make it worse.

      The exercise you listed is something I have done. In between each set, I do a 45 sec jumping jack and take a sip of water, 1 min break to get my heart rate down and then work on the next set. BUT for someone who has been using free weights AT all(rads I dont know whether this is you, just bear with me hypothetically)do you think one could just jump into doing those exercises you listed 🙂

      Off to check your blog. Rads sorry for hogging your comment space.

    3. says: sraikh

      I am going to take everything back. Rad he is a doctor. Listen to him. ignore me and my comments. 🙂

      Rambodoc.I dont argue with doctors especially those who blog 🙂

      1. says: rads

        sraikh, take doc’s comment with a spoon of salt. The man means well though could use some PR polishing like how my body needs fat polishing 😀

        Between the both of your comments and suggestions, one thing’s clear.
        1. I need to do some reading.
        2. I need to get a trainer to help me out as soon as I get hold of my physiotherapist who was an amazing darling, just a tad short in charm compared to my orthopedist.

        Either way, am thrilled with the discussions, please feel free to continue on. I’d really appreciate it. Many more could learn from you! Thanks sraikh 🙂

        1. says: sraikh

          I am back again at 8 in the morning with a glass of chai and my oatmeal cereal with eggwhite omelet and 1/2 apple.

          Hiring a trainer is one the best decisions I made in my life. It was costly but oh so worth. She pushed me beyong my 5 lb weight lifting boundaries.
          Only thing is research all the trainers in your gym before settling on one. Talk to others gym-goers. Observe the trainers working the clients.

          Idle chit chatting, answering cell phone while on a session, all big no-nos.

          Hey I am going to write todays post on this topic. will link you ;0

    4. says: rads

      Doc, I agree nutrition’s key. Moderation is the key for me and I don’t do diets. It’s just one of those in-built things, but that doesn’t mean I gorge on all things tasty (and fat). I see what you are saying and I did have upping the protein and lowering grains on the agenda.

      heh@consultaion fee. Sure thing, though won’t chocolates from Belgium work better?! 🙂

  3. says: bhel

    Wow, looks like you’ve received plenty of advice already, please check your spam folder religiously every day, they are great resources for losing fat and weight. And money, of course, but who cares, right? 7 in 7! Go rads!!! 🙂

  4. You might want to flip through “How to Lose Weight Without Losing Your Mind” by Rutuja Divekar (if it helps she’s Kareena Size Zero Kapoor’s dietician). Although her credentials might lead people to pooh pooh the whole idea of celeb diets, I actually found the book quite informative. The best thing is, she hasn’t prescribed any diet charts. Here’s a neat review:

    1. says: rads

      Read the review, and looks like she’s got something going for her alright. Will see what I can find here. Thanks bubbles 🙂

  5. says: Terri

    May I suggest yoga? I haven’t dropped a dress size, but the three weekly classes have definitely tightened whatever needed to be.

    20lbs? Congratulations. You and sraikh have lost enough weight to create a new person.

    1. says: rads

      Terri! You still read me :O

      Yep, I’ve enlisted myself for Saturday mornings with a couple of friends, hopefully we stick with it.

  6. says: CM-Chap

    I’m amazed by your daughter’s determination… Kudos

    Suggestions are always available… How about dance classes?

    Well, I’m planning to join frm next week for the same purpose bcz I hate to hit gym. In anycase I’m slim already 🙂

    1. says: rads

      So are we in fact! It’s heartening 🙂

      yeah, I do dance 🙂
      LOL@slim. Yesyes, I know slim people don’t need exercise. Don’t have to rub it in 😛

    1. says: rads

      lol, sachita, am actually far from skinny. I’ve reached a size I am very comfortable in. Moreover, becoming skinnier than this would just make me look like a stick wrapped in a sari, which I absolutely enjoy wearing! 🙂

  7. says: Rambodoc

    Progress has to be from scratch. Hence the advice to start off with an empty barbell.
    On second thoughts, Rads, find an RKC (just google it) instructor in your area, and train with kettlebells. Them iron balls will really take you to another level of fitness and conditioning. If there were ten reasons I would move to the US, this would be one of them: the availability of RKCs in the area.
    Naren: single malts do have one calorie, of course. Per drop.
    And Rads, Belgian chocolates should be at least 85%, okay?! 🙂

    1. says: rads

      Russian Kettlebells. I did google, theres’ one living next door. Am alarmed. 😐

      Will speak with a trainer and see 🙂

  8. says: Mrs. Anita


    Im 38 weighing 65 working as a teacher want to know more about wt loss. I tried atkins diet but put on when left . I tried gym, but did not work as I have got ostoporsis. I recently joined power yoga but the teacher wantedperfection within 6 days and since my weight is more on belly I couldnt strain she adviced me for brufen 500 I took for 6 days but still have severe pain on my legs and cant climb or get down the stairs . Please advice.

    1. says: rads

      Anita: Am sorry you have osteoporosis. It must be difficult as the choices narrow down dramatically wrt exercises.
      I am not a doctor, so am sorry, but I really can’t give you any medical advice.

      All I can say is – watch your diet, and stay mobile as much as you can. Ask your doctor to direct you to an expert in the field who can help you lose weight and tailor it to your conditions. I had my issues with leg pain and all I can say is – just keep at it, and things do turn for the better. Good luck and am sure you will be fine. 🙂

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