gravity muster

I did it! Yay! Am so thrilled I even did a jig and thumped the unsuspecting TV-watching husband on his back while he looked at me like I got the crazies! Then I came running back to the computer and let anyone who’d care to listen that I have arrived.

I landed at Level 25 which is the final level of this game that I’ve been hooked to since Friday! See, here’s the proof! :-))

Picture 4Praveen had sent me the link Thursday and I just made to the second level Friday morning. So every few hours I’d look at it and mull over how the hell does that rolling thing make it all over. Then Friday evening I made headway and within an hour crossed levels 5 through 14. A few levels are hard, and requires some quick and strategic thinking, but for the most part it’s planes, angles, levers, weights and well, strategy and thought.

Last night I landed at 21 and o boy, it was such a rush, and I stayed stuck at 22 all day and this morning! This evening before I hit the gym, I tried again, and I went right past it. Now 24 is hard, but it doesn’t matter anymore if I get past it or not, coz I have arrived!

You should try it. Don’t you dare cheat and google for it now, coz that’s just well, cheating, unfair and like reading the last chapter of an Agatha Christie’s Miss Marple mystery! No fun at all.

..and oh, I even took screen shots of the levels as I felt I’d gotten them. Did I say Mac’s super cool with screenshots? That’s my latest new obsession. I screenshot everything remotely interesting!

Here’s the last level 24, which I don’t hope to cross anytime soon.

Picture 5

This is awesome, oh very awesome! It feels so good when you set out to harness something and you finally do! ..and now I say good night. 🙂

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