Discovered this tune – Neela from Bluffmaster album – on Sunday and I’ve been listening to this non-stop. Love it! I watched this movie, and I don’t remember any such tracks in the film.

Didn’t know Trickbaby existed, here’s an interview. Apparently she’s sung in Hyderabad Blues as well.


The 1st 3 minutes of Neela seems to be the only one I am hooked to though. Anyone know of any such similar tunes?

Something that you can close your eyes and see yourself dance to..

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4 replies on “neela”
  1. says: Ok

    I dont know about the song but the female is really really really irritating. I dont know how the two guys stand that female.

  2. says: rads

    OK – focus on the music, focus!
    You keep rambling this way about MFRC and such, and that 6 course meal is looking quite scarce I tell ya! :p

  3. says: Giri

    i was trying to focus on the music… but couldn’t help notice that this female needs some help …. are u sure she is alright? doesn’t look so….

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