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Quit laughing now, I asked for a raincheck on subsequent tags, not on ones I’d already been dumped with, so you just have to stop grinning and read on ;-p  

Ramjee wanted to me to choose 5 bloggers whom I thought were awesome.

 awe·some  sm)


1. Inspiring awe: an awesome thunderstorm.

2. Expressing awe: stood in awesome silence before the ancient ruins.

3. Slang Remarkable; outstanding: “a totally awesome arcade game” Los Angeles Times.

awe  (ô)


1. A mixed emotion of reverence, respect, dread, and wonder inspired by authority, genius, great beauty, sublimity, or might: We felt awe when contemplating the works of Bach. The observers were in awe of the destructive power of the new weapon.

2. Archaic

a. The power to inspire dread.

b. Dread.

tr.v. awed, aw·ing, awes

To inspire with awe.

Now that the word’s explained thus and we are clear on what I need to feel when I read blogs, let me also go on record and say that I am an easy person to be kept happy. It doesn’t take much for me to go wide-eyed and agog with excitement. I know, that’s hard to believe considering sometimes I pretty much sound like a cynic, even to myself, but really, I can be very easily amused and impressed at what I read. Blogs I mean.

But awe, now that’s hard. That’s a whole new level of respect and likeability that demands a certain amount of power in the words and the spell it casts on your readers. To motivate, to bring a shiver down your spine, to force a tear, a laughter with no restraint, to make you want to change an aspect of your lifestyle, to admire the person for what he/she did, to have made your day, to make your jaw drop in astonishment, and well, awe.

In a way, almost all of us have a quality in us that if we let show onto the world are worthy of such adulation. There’s always an element, a sliver or a facet in each us multi-dimensional bloggers that is commendable.

I go around the blogs commenting and using words like

awesome, wow, amazing, fantastic, hilarious, and the usual suspects of LOL, ROFL, haha, hehe

which by and large are pretty much what I mean. In that regard, there are way too many blogs out there that entertain, humor, and cater to most of my senses, to mention a few:

Prabhu n Ferrari – Apart from he-she series, he does speak sense in some pretty intelligent ways 

Hawkeye – I like his style and the depth he portrays.

Shoefiend, Ammani – What can I say?

Twisted DNA – Though I don’t tell him enough how funny his posts really are, they do make me laugh.

Mahanadi – She spells comfort.

I could go on, but you see, all these blogs are popular in their own sense, with enough folks ‘feeding’ off them, with enough accolades passed around, and me awarding them or not does not  a difference make. Absolutely. It’s a drop in the mighty ocean. 

On the flip side, an award in its strictest sense is given to ones who deserve it. So should a person be awarded for a facet of brilliance or should a person be awarded for being consistently brilliant? That is a subjective opinion, and for the most part also relies on the kind of blogging that’s out there. Some specialize, and there are some like me who couldn’t care what I spill here, it’s my space and I write what I want, and not necessarily always cater.

It also largely depends on what you consider awesome. The writing or the person’s actions behind the blog which he/’she writes about. Are they mutually inclusive to a large part? Is it even possible for one to write without letting leak parts of your psyche. I suppose if you write a book on Relativity or nanotechnology [which I still contend that, to be a teacher/author you need to shootoff from the prescribed path just a bit to show some credibility in your views] you could muster off hidden.

Oh, alright, Ive rambled enough, so getting to the point:

Which blogs rock and awe me?

1. Metlin – Intelligence ticks. His space is filled with passion in the few  he engages in and am completely bowled each time. 

2. Joey – The dude is precocious and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. His writings are a strange mix of class, knowledge, style and yet there’s that raw feel of innocence. [I hope he doesn’t kill me for this!]

3. Nandita – There’s something ephemereal about her writing. Some of her posts tug ever so gently at my heart. Some speak volumes with just a hint of words. I like her.

4. Arun Verma – Primarily for the content he posts. His creations and renditions of art appeal to me when I need a respite.

5. Archana – I love her cheer and sense of adventure and she reminds me of a little of myself if I’d made different choices at different times in my life.

Of course everyone who I have on my reader appeal to me individually, and I wouldn’t be reading them or feel happy when I see them comment here. My bloghops have become less frequent and I travel defined paths these days, maybe I am settling into a rhythm, maybe I am losing interest, or maybe there’s a case of blogitis I am inflicted with.

I don’t plan on tagging anyone or asking any of the above to award more folks. It’s really your choice. 🙂


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