Driving back at 9.45 pm from the numerous Varalakshmi Vratam visits, this is an interesting clip of conversation that the daughter and I had.

Me: Tomorrow’s Saturday. You have your class rt?

D: No mom. I don’t.

Me: Really? It was this week that it got canceled?

D: Yep. Didn’t we just go over this yesterday?

Me: No. I don’t think so. *frowning*

D: Oh fine. I forgive you.

Me: Gee, thanks. So what else you got?

D: Oh. we should buy me closed shoes for camp next week.

Me: Right. I meant as in classes and stuff.So okay, good, nothing for you!

D: Nope. That’s why am going for bro’s basketball games.

Me: Oh yes, he’s got 2 games back to back?

D: Yes. You’re coming right?

Me: I donno. What time’s the first game?

D: 9.30 I think.

Me: Okay. We’ll see.


Me: So apart from his games there’s nothing else?

D: Nope.

Me: Really?

D: Mom. I don’t have anything. Munchkin doesn’t have anything.

Me: Right. Yeah, I don’t think there’s anything for me either! Perfect! Yay! I can actually sleep in tomorrow?

D: er, sure. You don’t care for your son’s basketball, I see how it is. Sure sleep away mom, sleep away.

Me: Wait. The game’s at 9.30. I said am gonna sleep in. Nobody wake me up before 8! *grinning and declaring triumphantly*

D: *chuckles* Mom! You call 8 am sleeping in? That’s just pathetic mom! Really. Knowing you, you’d be biting away nails at 6.00.


Grr! Am gonna show her. I shall roll on that bed and read in bed and starve if I have to, but I shall not get up till 8 am. There!

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15 replies on “sleeping-in”
  1. says: Sruthi

    I plan to do the same, but unfortunately my 2yr old loves to wake up at 5 on weekends, where on weekdays he wont even move until 8… lucky me at mom’s home…Grrr

  2. says: Apple

    😆 so did u roll on till 8AM today?
    My mom too plans to sleep till 7AM on sundays, but she never does that 😀

  3. says: rads

    For all overtly concerned and the chucklers included, yes, my brain was up and functioning since 6.45 (hey, better than 6 as declared before) but I rolled in bed and fussed enough to kick the husband out earlier than his schedule.

    I dozed in and out and got out at 8.07 am. See, I can sleep in too you know!!

  4. says: prats

    I live life the same fastrack way!!! For me 7.30 is sleeping -in…and my family thinks i’m crazy if I say I need sleep..

    Did you finally roll over and starve yourself and sleep in???

  5. says: Ms Taggart

    So did you sleep in till 8 AM?
    Well.. my sleep in typically is till 1130 AM, and read in bed till 130 PM. Only then will the stomach start grumbling.. 🙂
    *tries to make Rads jealous*

    Came here through many many blogs.. 🙂

    1. says: rads

      haha, you know there was a time when I’d be jealous, but then I’ve had my time sleeping. Now, it’s okay. Growing up I suppose 🙂

  6. says: Kokonad

    Heh heh! Amajing conversation. 🙂 I suppose sleeping-in-ultimatum gradually gets earlier till you actually have kids, when it takes a plunge and becomes – as you said, 8 AM!
    I don’t have kids of my own but it is lot of fun watching my nephew grow up (he is three). Sometime last year I had a conversation with him where I told it was imperative for me to wear pants when I go out to the play area with him.

  7. says: dipali

    I’d love to sleep in, but the old bod has got so use to getting up early that I can’t:(
    My youngest can happily sleep till mid-afternoon, given half a chance!

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