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So A Muser tagged me and Terri to do this tag where you say how you get it on despite the kids, despite the squeaky toys, despite the formula in your hair, despite it all.
Post-baby love-making so to speak.

This tag is meant to either titillate or humor the reader and am not really sure if I can do either, here’s to modest beginnings. Since I have to always put my own spin on a tag, this is what you’ll get.

Pre-Baby 1
Wow! Whoa! OH My God! Exciting. Experimental. Sexy. Passionate. Loving. Comfort. Funny. Fun. Kinky. Adventurous. Fireworks. Daring.

Post-Baby 1
Sexy. Passionate. Loving. Comfort. Fun. Adventurous.

Post-Baby 2
Sexy. Loving. Simmering. Sleepy. Tiring. Basic Instinct.

Post-Baby 3

Huh? Sex? What Sex?!

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  • a muser:

    you are forgetting the biggest kid of them all (as v.b. reminded me yesterday … or was it today?)!

    – s.b.

  • Excellent! I know pretty much every woman who is either married or in banking say that. Though I try and make it different for myself. If I get married ie. Else, I’d just be enjoying the good, daring, kinky, adventurous fireworks in the rather noisy celebrations.

  • catwoman – kinky and such aren’t necessarily exclusive to the kid-less or the unmarried, you know :p

    DS – ah well, that was the whole idea of the tag, me thinks! 😀

    sb – that’s precisely the reason I put in the pre-baby ;-p

  • d.s.:

    when provided with a sliding scale of diminishing returns, you need to use basic laws of supply and demand to determine your very own personal (or dual) state of equilibrium.


    terri might want to adapt the above “manager speak” to segue nicely into this tag, eh? else, she will have to really ask everyone to subscribe to the theory of immaculate conception, twice over!

    – s.b.

  • Similar lines 🙂
    I wonder how many of us bother to get some couple time after kids.
    I know of someone who is an everyday person and they have teenage kids. At one point, it would have been, how wonderful, now, it is, how awful! 😀

  • Good one. Last paragraph was really funny :))
    By any chance you mean to say people need to be independent, err self dependent after kids? 😛

  • Good one. Last paragraph was really funny :))<br/>By any chance you mean to say people need to be independent, err self dependent after kids? 😛

  • vara vara post ellam R rated-aa irukku….. how do u expect ‘little kids’ like me to keep visitin ur blog?? :p

  • KC – come Jan, you aren’t a little kid no more, so a little knowledge doesn’t hurt :p

    Ferrari – Thanks 🙂
    See, look at it this way, the person’s there so no reason for self-dependancy. It’s more of a question of “do we have to”?

    Muni – Everyday?! That’s ew, not aw. 😉

    sb – I sure hope she does. She just has to make it cryptic enough for us to get and her folks not to. 😉

  • It was true in 1980s and still true in 2007. Somethings don’t change much down the generations I guess..heheh.
    Why did i assume the first two were twins? hm.

  • ” vara vara post ellam R rated-aa irukku….. how do u expect ‘little kids’ like me to keep visitin ur blog?? :p”


  • ok – aw alright, will make the next one G. Would mushy work? 🙂

    madsies – 😉

    usha – that’s a lil consolation!
    Maybe coz I speak of them in a pair. They are 17 mths apart, so almost-twins works 🙂

  • Aww! we the majority are not complaining abt R rated posts. Kids, can use their own discretion and not read it.

    R post Vs Mushy Post

    R is still better! If rads writes a mushy post then KC and OK, you will be punished for it

  • mm – gee thanks! 🙂

    pilgrim – let’s take turns shall we? 🙂

    *Not enough I manage a few at home, I have to moderate a bunch of kids on my blog too?* :p

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