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Okay, I had this lovely post all written up for you guys to read, but last evening as I drove home I listened to this piece of news and boy o boy, I HAD to post this one ahead! This is as juicy as it is interesting as it real. Civil rights story with so much room for argument, the kind where any bird-brain would immediately go “wtf” – and I rarely use language.

So this is the scene.

Close your eyes and imagine the scenario. Okay wait, read it all and then close your eyes.

  • You are a 29 year old human. Man/woman, whatever, take your pick, coz it honestly doesn’t matter!
  • The alarm goes off at 5.15 am.
  • You wake up groggy, curse that it’s Wednesday and that there’s that darned work that you have to get to.
  • Realize that a cup o joe would help you out and you saunter in to the kitchen.
  • You are in your nightclothes. Okay, you sleep in the buff and so your jammies is essentially your skin.
  • There are two windows in your kitchen that overlooks your lawn. The blinds are’nt on.

CUT to outside home.Now you are changing roles. You are a pedestrian, a mother with a 7 year old son.

  • You are walking along the road at that ungodly hour (okay, you start work early, not a problem)
  • You have your 7 year old son (2nd grader perhaps) with you at that ungodly hour
  • You decide to cut across this neighbor’s lawn! (er, that’s not right, but it’s all in good faith, the community is a friendly lot)
  • You look up and go “oo, thank heavens someone’s up at this ungodly hour and look at him busy in the kitchen!”
  • Then you go “What the hey! I must be too close coz I see his but*! Goodness gracious, people these days, it’s frikkin 38 degrees and he walks around in his home without any clothes on.”
  • Then you go “oh great, now little Johnny’s seeing him too! This is so not right. My poor baby’s not even up properly and he’s subjected to thsi kind of a skin-fest!”
  • Then you go “How dare this guy walk around his kitchen n*de and subject me and my son to such indecent obsc*ne exposure! Instead of downplaying the whole scene and hurrying my son out of that area and swear never to cross anyone else’s lawns at weird hours, I am just going to dial the cops on him.”

There are some nice quips on this news article here and here and here, and a different viewpoint here, and a different time(8:30 am) which seems more likely and plausible for a mother to walk her son to the bus stop.  There are two different stories here and no matter which way you look, ultimately it boils down to the question:

Did the man make an effort to willfully NOT cover himself after knowing he could be watched?

So, what do you guys think?

Either way, don’t know about you, but am going to have to be careful while stepping out of the shower henceforth. There are these two windows in my bathroom that are only partially covered and overlook my neighbor’s roof, and just in case there’s a catburglar perched on it at 10 pm and he happens to look at me stepping out and then cry to the cops saying “omigod, my eyes, my poor eyes, God save my eyes after that fat woman with horrific cellulite folds on her showed herself to me!  Am scarred for the rest of my life!” and then the cops arrest me and then he sues me for the emotional trauma I inflicted.


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10 replies on “buff that law”
    1. says: rads

      It’s called dressing-up-windows 101, a class that all new homeowners take. Bare windows look bad, so we dress them up, and since there’s no chance of a peeping tom at 3 stories tall, we don’t bother with ‘completeness’

      See, every word that I’ve typed is being challenged now!

  1. says: munimma

    counter sue for invasion of privacy? Voyeur?

    btw, by extension, can those movie makers be sued for causing emotional trauma with their drama?

    1. says: rads

      lol, yes. Good ol’ Virginia. There isn’t enough manpower to go after the burglaries in the area, but sure, we shall go knocking down doors and arrest folks in their home!

  2. says: sachita

    not convinced either way. you know a flashing incident could have also happened.

    reminds me also in a odd way about the ugly naked man from friends. thankfully nobody called the cops for him.

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