no ticket

Husband and I sitting on the couch after a really long tiring day [at least mine was] at work. Kids are running around doing whatever it is they normally do. Father-in-law is across us watching B4U with feigned disinterest.

No one speaks, each sit in our own cocoon, not voicing concerns , all am sure revolving around the fast approaching dinner time.

Husband decides to break the silence.

He: Today Sukh [a colleague] went to the aiport, to go to India.

Me: Really? Didn’t they just all take a trip over the holidays?

He: Yeah. He came back to work at 4. No ticket!

Me: Huh? Ticket? What ticket?

He: [starting to laugh at my bewildered expression] Yeah. He went to the airport and there weren’t any empty seats, so he came back.

Me: [By now quite perplexed and extremely suspicious of this fast tale he’s spinning] You said India. It isn’t the greyhound rt?

He: [Absolutely enjoying this] haha, that’s exactly what I asked him.

So he says “arey yaar, kya karoon, mera ek saala hai des mein. Woh saala kaam kar raha hai Air India mein. woh bolta hai: “oye Sukh mere paas ek muft ka ticket hai, aana hai kya?” So mainey bola, ki theek hai, muft mein aa raha hai, tho chalke aayenge. Ek haftey ki baat hai, aur mera tho dimaag phut raha hai yeh naya CTO key saath. Pammi [his wife] ko bhi bada pyaar sey convince kiya.”

“Tho kal saala ney call kiya. Bola theek hai, kal ka afternoon flight itna full nahin hai, so pucca kar de? So main sabko chitti vitti bhej diya. Sab bye bye bola, arey us Sheetal [another colleague] bhi kuchh parcel warcel bhi diya, uska bhai ko dene ke liya. Sab liya, pack kiya, aaj gaya, sadey teen thak wait kiya, lekin sab ke sab humara janta log aa baitth gaye”

“Ek seat bhi khali nahin tha. Poora boli bistar bhi baandh liya, aur yeh haalat hei mera. Mainey socha ki chal, Jodha Akbar 200 rupaya ke andar acha sa screen desi bhai behen ke saath dekh sakte hain. Poocho mat!”

Delightful. Absolutely delightful the situations folks land in!   Not to mention am energised and blogging about it instead of figuring dinner out!

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13 replies on “no ticket”
  1. says: CW

    Ahem. Delightful? Not. Esp when bride & groom’re on their way home a day before the wedding. Their wedding. And flight is full. Last minute angst & all that. The couple married happily ever after.

  2. says: rads

    gdss: why thank you! Nice to see some sunshine around too 😉

    sirop: lol, yeayea, world’s getting smaller with each flight 🙂

    Naren: hehe, reminds me of the Seinfeld episode where Elaine tries to bribe the Chinese restaurant’s maitre d’. 🙂

    Praveen: Saala tho tthera mumbai mein. uska kya? Bechara Sukh. 🙂

    BPSK: hehe, yea. Rest assured Sukh’s gonna get bullied by us for a few years till someone else ups his claim to fame 🙂

    Altoid: hehe, am p. sure there’s more, too early to say you’ve heard it all 🙂

    Pavan: hehe, we imagine and there it is in the real world. Art imitates life is so yesterday ;-p

    CW: o lord no! lol, really? Blog about it! See, that’s one heck of an interesting situation to be in. ..and you say you have nothing! 🙂

  3. says: maddy

    that was is at the counters of AI that that preparation for arrival at apna desh starts. he should have taken the phone number of his rishtedaar in AI as well before going to the terminal – to call and get him to talk to the counter agent!!

  4. says: Bhaanu

    Here, when we car pool, we expect people to enroll beforehand and share the expenses. We are more than happy though to extend an occasional courtesy to the needy outside it, but a subtextual pact states they would push the vehicle in case it develops a snag or whenever we tell them its a drill for the sake of their readiness.
    Somebody s flying free?

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