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Been a really long time since I’ve written a potpourri and there’s been so much happening that it seems like a perfect time as any.

  • Am sitting at home after such a long time alone. I don’t remember what I did last veteran’s day, but in any case, it’s a bit strange and am actually supposed to relax, sleep-in and eat breakfast in bed according to a colleague. Obviously that’s the last thing am doing, and after pottering around and sending everyone out, I read the paper while having a cup o coffee, cleared the mess munchkin’s room is in, watched a bunch of videos, sent some terse emails out wrt son’s lego stuff and now here I am writing a post. Can’t believe it’s already past 11. Ugh! Time flies too fast when you sit at home.
  • Last two weekends have been a bit busy. Diwali fest was on the Sat before and then last Sat was a friend’s 16th birthday party. Major activity from our household. Apart from the husband who was relegated to the audience and behind the video camera, the four of us took to the lights and stage in different forms.
  • I was asked to write a “funny” poem on chocolate for the birthday girl. Funny on demand’s a hard thing unless your name is Bikerdude, Krishashok, Pri, Naren, Twisted DNA or Max. I tried and then before I read it told the audience that the least they should do is be polite and laugh. The nice souls obliged. Apart from the girls’ friends who were all 16 year old Asian-American kids who giggled at every word I uttered, the rest politely smile-stared at me. Not sure now how best to interpret that.
  • Extremely proud of munchkin. The past two Saturdays she’s taken to the stage like a pro. The diwali dance was ina group and she was hugely excited to be with a bunch of other munchkins. She smiled through the 4 minutes, stood at the center and didn’t let the large black vastness ahead faze her a bit. This Sat, she went up in a packed dinner hall and did the same dance, but solo! She made sure she practiced every day of the week and though she looked nervous and insisted on looking at me and dancing the whole time, she did it all. I almost cried with pride. I must thank Maxdavinci for editing the song and sending it to me as soon as I wailed to him on how iTunes was too techy for me. *yea, I know, even my older kids think so*
  • Now she is so fired on dancing, she’s latched onto Banno Rani from 1947 Earth( skip to past 5.20) and we have started “practice” for it last evening. Of course I have no idea why we practicing fro some song, we have no plans on performing, but learning something for the fun of it is satisfying. The husband of course disapproves of this whole “show-monkey” concept that he feels we are getting into with her, but from where I stand, the girl has some talent, I’d rather let it grow than discourage it. Esp since I hardly qualify as an over zealous ambitious helicopter mom, the argument doesn’t work much!
  • The older bunch of 8 kids I have been teaching since they were 3-4 years old are now teens. In a span of 4 Sundays they picked up Dariya Kinare (remix version of the original Farida and Vinod) and performed it with such precision and unison that the audience loved it, whistled and danced with them. Of course they’ve seen the kids grow up in front of their eyes and the connection’s undeniable. The best part of it is the friendship that ties them all together. We recently watched all their performances since ’99 and boy, what a treat to see them improve and grow as a group. Life is good. πŸ™‚
  • Halloween was okay. Apart from sticking the picture of creepy me on my office door, and creating a wave of raised eyebrows, unbelievable OMG’s and chuckles in a stiff boring office, it petered into me dressing as a hawaiian with flowers around my neck and hair. Of course it’s subjective if I looked Hawaiian or like a wannabe-Shakuntala, but hey, it was dress-up day. Munchkin was a composed bumblebee and the husband played himself. The older two played goths of different kinds and disappeared for hours together. There weren’t as many kids as usual either. Maybe the elections in a few days time scared everyone enough.
  • Work’s getting boring. Since I personally stepped down, I shouldn’t be complaining anyway, but yea, it’s alright. Am hoping things will pick up soon.
  • October was a challenge. I wrote every night as a drive to see if I could actually stick to something if I wanted to. I enjoyed writing a post a day. Of course it was getting hard trying to fit it into my schedule, coming up with what to write on, and then making the time to do so, late at night when the house was asleep. The husband must sleep better these days as he probably must have thought I was indulging in nefarious activities of various kinds sitting alone in the study tapping away! The poor man. He has no idea how much I treasure him giving me the freedom I need, without which I’d be one cranky old woman. It was last Thanksgiving that I had written this post , and I continue to feel the same way after 15 years.
  • Yesterday I went over to a mom and pop tee shirt printing store, and the old man who runs the place was talking on the prices etc. He asked if I could pay cash. Since I didn’t carry the amount, I asked if I could pay a small amount and then come back in tomorrow for the rest. He waved me aside and told me “I trust you. The heart and belief is important, and ultimately it all evens out.” He went on to tell me a story of how he was cheated of a huge order and then eight months later he was paid for it anyway by the same person. The world works in twisted, interesting but ultimately balanced ways.
  • People are generally manipulative and shrewd. Everywhere. Being good, open and trusty takes one nowhere. There is always a pressure to be on the lookout for who’s going to pull the rug from under you, who’s gonna outshine you, and how best to make someone else’s weak spot work for you. It’s sad but it’s as real as it gets. I’ve lived a very sheltered life up until now and hence learning these at my age is harder than I thought
  • Our own conscience is a funny thing. It is the ultimate boss we answer to. Having this blog, writing, communicating, reading only nurtures our brain and life in small yet significant ways. It’s as good as participating in a real life book club, or something similar. No person can be bullied, threatened, pleaded, begged to change their outlook unless they want to. In a similar fashion, just because something is alien doesn’t necessarily mean it is evil or bad. It’s interesting how an online life is misconstrued as bad, weird, strange, quirky and even that one has lost their ability to prioritize in their real life. Abilities and capabilities are questioned, and every little action is doubted and second-guessed to blame the simple fact that one blogs. It’s all the same I mean, we are real people behind these words. No bots are scripting such depth now are they?
  • I blog or write coz it gives me pleasure. I enjoy it, once I stop enjoying it, I quit. It’s quite simple rt? Which other facet of our lives gives us that freedom apart from the hobbies we choose that gives us immense satisfaction and pleasure. Like how I feel when I dance. It doesn’t matter that I am fat, or I am not as graceful as many others and the fact that I may never be slender enough to pull off a fast piece how muchever I want to, the fact remains that my eyes light up and I am my happiest best when I dance. Replacing dancing with writing, I surely am not a good writer, I may write scattered, and I may not be consistent, but when I do, there’s a piece of me that dances.
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  1. says: Adithya

    I’ve come across this online life being misconstrued thingy at a lot of places now. Weird, why people thing that way.

    And what happened? Why that last point? Why is there a need to explain!?

  2. says: Praveen

    I so agree with this Rads. “People are generally manipulative and shrewd. Everywhere. Being good, open and trusty takes one nowhere”

    Makes me wonder if the world has always been like this!!

  3. says: Madhu

    β€œPeople are generally manipulative and shrewd. Everywhere….

    It is sad that we are stuck in this world…

    And comeone ..do we have to tell you ..you write..well???? You know it πŸ™‚

  4. says: rads

    Madhu: lol, I wasn’t fishing at all. Edo, ala ala rasesanu πŸ™‚

    Praveen: Yep yep, see, even Madhu agrees πŸ™‚

    Adithya: That’s funny even your peers say it, I mean, you belong to the net-age πŸ™‚
    nah, wasn’t explaining, something was bothering me, so wrote it down. My blog’s like my journal πŸ™‚

    Laksh: Thank you. I wasn’t fishing in case it looks like that now :
    I think am okay, just one of the many impulsive writers that are around πŸ™‚

  5. says: maxdavinci

    frankly i like this post a lot! not that i have anything against yor fables, but donno why i like bullet points!

    unless your name is Bikerdude, Krishashok, Pri, Naren, Twisted DNA or Max

    mikka nandri!

    also yor daughter is a performer, i don’t think you can teach someone poise and expressions. I loved the ‘haathi jaisi dum’ part very much!

  6. says: naren

    Hey, great post! So ‘you’! And your last point hits the nail on the head. I use a similar argument for scotch, though in the intellectual circles here it has not received the respect it deserves. Ah, well, apple juice is not all that bad.


  7. says: Roshni

    Like this post a lot! Rings true for me too about blogging and writing..although I am not such a prolific writer like you are, I feel quite comfortable now in writing a post once in a while! It really serves you well to be able to express yourself in one medium or another, doesn’t it?!
    Another reason why I like your post is to hear about your daughter! My son also volunteered to sing a song at our annual Diwali party and I nearly burst with pride!!

  8. Loved this post!

    A guy at a medical store I’ve never been to, let me take medicines without paying him a single rupee as I didnt have change on me..I was so shocked..you don’t see people putting trust in someone they’ve never seen before do you?

  9. says: sajni

    you are such a sweetheart you know? lol, i must sound like am in love, but really, the more i read you, the more lovable you get.

    also,i’ve seen pics of you on orkut and you are not fat, at all. i donno why you keep saying that? :S

  10. says: rads

    sajni: lol, girl, you need a guy soon if you don’t have one already πŸ˜› Thanks though. πŸ™‚
    Fat’s subjective. If size 0 is thin, and size 6 is slim, then perhaps size 12 is fat? πŸ˜€

    gds: Thanks!
    hehe, am an aberrant though. I trust too easy. Been my bane.

    Roshni: Nice seeing you here. we moms are such mush pools aren’t we? πŸ™‚
    lol@prolific. It’s like anything, the more you do it, the better you get at it. I’ve got ways to go anyways πŸ™‚

    Naren: When I scribble, you say great, when I hard hit, you say ‘ouch’ – I mean really? πŸ™‚

    max: ah no worries, we can love wine and beer alike too πŸ™‚
    You welcome. It’s true. πŸ™‚

  11. Nice! My bloglife, although short, has come under scrutiny quite a few times. My roomies and other friends tell me I need to get a life if I spend too much time reading blogs! :-/ But I don’t care, I still do it coz I love it and it’s addictive!
    And spot on, about the world being manipulative and shrewd!
    This might be the millionth time, but you and your kids are mighty, mighty talented! πŸ™‚

  12. says: rads

    Dinesh: Yea πŸ™‚

    Stitha That’s so strange to me! Just like I told Adithya, isn’t it strange?
    Thank you, but we just try. reserve judgments till you see it for real πŸ™‚

  13. says: sachita

    nice one:)
    “People are generally manipulative and shrewd.” Sad, no? esp. since I don’t know how to handle it(may be i don’t want to either, but people might claim sour grapes).

    “It doesn’t matter that I am fat, or I am not as graceful as many others” Thanks for that. I now can explain to myself better why I write one.:)

  14. says: rads

    sachita: Absolutely, feel free to use it πŸ™‚

    Chutney: yep, but whoever said life was fair? πŸ™‚

    CW: The thought did cross my mind, but I guess I’ll stick around a bit more.. πŸ™‚

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