Inception aka gyanugget 2

You know how we go through life right? Forever rushing, squeezing in 101 things in the time it takes to do 3, multi-tasking and pretending to be super heroes when we are actually common little beggars, begging for more time to do whatever we want to do before time runs out or our engines do. Living life and our every-days as if they were on loan, which they could very well be philosophically speaking, but no, let’s not go there now.

No time to eat a proper breakfast, no time to return calls, no time to laugh, no time to cut nails, no time to get a haircut, no time to sort photographs, no time to write a to-do list leave alone check it, and so on..

So, I was thinking that Chris Nolan, apart from being the genius behind movies that not just make millions at the box office, but has everyone’s jaw dropping (irrespective of comprehension) and such,  has unwittingly stumbled upon the answer to this supreme problem of time. Or maybe he was frustrated himself, and then during one evening when things got to a head between him and his wife managing three kids and careers, the light bulb went off and he says to himself “Eureka!”

(No, don’t believe this whole hogwash of Nolan wanting to explore dream space etc that’s written everywhere, it’s just there for positioning. Yes, I know, the absurdity indeed.)

If you haven’t watched Inception yet, please do, not coz the whole world and their dog has seen it and you’ll be the only one living under the rock and people will point fingers at you and laugh when you do come out, but because, well, as I said earlier, the answer to your ultimate question – I need more time!- lies therein. Just don’t fall for the sci-fi mumbo jumbo. Stay focused the last 45 minutes of the show and you’re home free.

So Nolan comes up with this theory that, as we enter dreams, time slows down.

Let that sink in for a moment. Real life snapshot moment.

Imagine the possibilities and imagine the applications of all those possibilities!

  • Imagine the tedious godawful or even challenging tasks that you can now complete stress-free?!
  • Imagine the productivity that’s gained from doing things slower?
  • Imagine the underdog, the one who’s always at the end of the race, not coz he isn’t smart, he’s just a tad slow, slower compared to the adrenaline charged peers?
  • Imagine the moms who want to just enjoy a little more of their babies before they become a selfish bunch of selfish teens?
  • Imagine the folks who actually really would want to watch and enjoy a game of ping pong played by the masters, aka the chinese?
  • Imagine the basketball games’ timeouts and how 30 seconds can actually be a lot more?
  • Imagine the deadlines that we wave bye-bye routinely to, that we actually can get to meet and greet!

Brilliant I say!

You agree don’t you? So, just to please me and let me have my moment of fun, you decide to play along.

You ask: “How?”

I say: “Don’t ask me. Nolan conceptualized it. Go sleep.”

To all the skeptics and sneers making fun of all the dreamers , I have one to thing to say:“Dreamers rock”

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27 replies on “Inception aka gyanugget 2”
    1. says: rads

      good lord, you commenting in tamil too?!

      Alrighty, here you go. Here’s a nutshell inception concept. 10 minutes while you are awake becomes and hour or some such number when you are asleep. I am not into twitter much nor do I read too many reviews for the hype to be justified, but i thought it was simple and as I said or not, nicely done. Thats all.

      You don’t have to run to the theaters, and can wait for the dvd if you’d like. 🙂

  1. says: SK

    Too much! :–)
    We should all live in the dream world. But then of course, once again, how much ever time we have will never be enough. :–S Is man ever satisfied with what he has, or how much ever he has ? :–P

  2. says: Koushik

    even though time slows down in the dream and u can imagine so much more use of the time, the job at hand doesnt get done coz u r SLEEPING !!

  3. says: PV

    Most of the thrill in a really good table-tennis match is in being amazed by the triumph of accuracy over speed – slowing things down will make it dull

    Now if I could only plant an idea in your mind that you need to write two posts a day ……

    1. says: rads

      heh, there’s a thrill true, but it;s always frustrated me that I could never keep up. This way, I just slow it down just a few seconds and am a happy camper 😉

      lol@two posts a day. I used to do that. It was like I couldn’t shut up at all. 🙂

  4. says: Aakarsh

    I am not going to read this post till i watch Inception. I have, with great difficulty, avoided reading reviews and experiences till now and want to watch the film with a totally clean slate in my mind. Will revisit this after i watch it.. Soon!

  5. says: My3

    Rads:Trust me the selfish teens grow up to great kids by the time they finish their teens. You are on the right track. After all they have to show their independence in some manner. I just loved Inception.

    1. says: rads

      Nah, they are fine. I was just saying. Yes, I agree, asserting themselves is all they care about and that’s a good thing. 🙂

  6. says: Saumya

    What if we are so caught up in our dreams that we pack more and more into them? The dreams learn to communicate with each others dreams and before we know it we are chasing one another’s dreams? What if dreaming becomes the most hectic activity and dream-a-therapists suggest waking up to cool down?

    No…I havent watched inception yet.

  7. says: Koushik

    why is it that ur comments and replies alone hv ur pretty face on them while evrybody else has some insects? u trying to make evryone else so little? 😀

    1. says: rads

      There, would you rather prefer a mystery man, or a blank – if you don’t have a logo, I cant create one for you, even if am the boss around here 🙂

  8. says: Madras Chick

    Hey Rads,

    Haven’t watched Inception yet, but a little clued in now. I know it’ll take a few viewings (like Memento) to comprehend, so I’ll just wait for the DVD.

    I cracked up at the “selfish teens” part, I guess it actually starts somewhere around 8 yrs. I stopped by to comment on that, but a little disappointed that you didn’t really mean it, rather “was just saying it” .. :))

    BTW, I recently found out that you’re actually a friend’s friend on FB (you commented on her page). So, now I know what you look like 😛
    What a small world.. even smaller via FB!

    And what a surprise.. from what you’ve written and how old your oldest is (again from what u’ve said), I always thot you should be a little older than I am, but we are from the same batch, in diff schools though. So you were in Goodshe all thro school?

    I dunno if I’ve ever commented in your blog space, but if I haven’t just want to let you know that I’ve been reading you even before you went on your sabbatical.

    1. says: rads

      Hey MC, lol@teens. Well, I do have teens, but mine aren’t hugely “typical” fortunately for me, they show traces of wisdom especially in situations when I become a teen 😉 It’s a whole load of fun that way!

      Ive basically given up on anonymity some time ago, though now am very curious as am also not much of a commenter.. 🙂
      Yes, GoodShe all the way too! You?

      Thanks for reading and coming back! 🙂

      1. says: My3

        MC: Rads tend to 0ver-over-exaggerate. I met her as a blogger who wrote what I thought 🙂 and seemed to be a little bit crazy compared to my full-blown crazy. Hey honesty over the internet and all that ;-), after all we may never meet. Though we both have standing invitations to meet the other when time and circumstances permit. She loves her kids to pieces and it is reciprocated! So all is well in the Rao household 🙂

        1. says: rads

          Ouch! Mytri, am apalled you think am not honest and not as crazy as I am. I do write what I think.. and if you re-read what I wrote, I meant teens as general, which i agree wholeheartedly, just that my daughter is not and my son is to an extent. 🙂

          btw, I thought you quit reading me and I lost a wonderful reader too! :p

          We should meet though and we will.. am still wondering when we gonna talk first! :p

        2. says: Madras Chick

          Hey M3.. Isn’t that great? the reciprocating part?
          Anyway, what I think of Rads’ writing is, it’s getting profound-er than crazy-er 😉

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