running on repeat

I’ve listened to this 16 times since this morning. For some reason it’s stuck in my head, the voice, music and lyrics, not necessarily the video.


Someone break the cycle, hook me onto something else?

grumble alert: In other news, am a little miffed that my inbox has been laying empty since 9.03 am. sigh, nobody loves me. Not even the PTA. Yeah, that’s how sad the status is.

neways, enjoy Lucky Ali. Am all fidafied* for his voice…

*fidafied = a completely messed up version of a hindi/urdu word into a street version of Tamil, or maybe there’s a Brit English in it somewhere too. I think. I am pretty sure one of you are gonna ‘correct’ me anyway.

Meaning of whichΒ can be any one of the followingΒ – bowled over, in love with, melting away.. you get the drift.

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