…piece of music that would always bring me peace and into a sublime mood is this lovely number – Dheem – from the movie Thakshak.

This 3.50 minute piece is and will always be the most used and favorite for all who remotely dance and/or choreograph in different styles. Bollywood, Fusion, Kathak, Kuchipudi, Bharatnatyam, Odissi among a few, and various groups or individual dancers, wearing traditional and fusion costumes have performed this all over the world. It’s a favorite for the beat, rhythm, the freedom of expression, and will always be a challenge to outshine the other in the nuances, and poses one can incorporate in it.

Simply said, this is a piece that no matter how many times you listen, there’s always a note that a dancer would discover that could be changed, fine-tuned or even left out to create a visual treat.

Here’s Tabu:


As you watch the original video, a few things strike even the untrained artistic eye.

  • The music is divine, classical and Hindustani.
  • The voice is aptly suited and demands a courtesy and respect.
  • Tabu is dancing.
  • Tabu is a sexy woman.
  • She is not doing the usual graceful, waist bending, emotion, expression thing most actress-dancers do.
  • A part of you wants to get up there and ask her to bend a little more, perhaps even twist her arm into fluid movements, to express the enjoyment and absolute happiness that can come when your body is engulfed in the notes.

Yet, there is a part of you that wants to just sit back and watch her go through the motions. The stiffer flailing of the arms, the constrained body, the serious face, her rigid posture and you can’t but wonder that perhaps, just perhaps, the Kathak style choreography (with some Bharatnatyam adavus) was meant to be that way. The music was set to movement to showcase her as a dancer not of norm.

It was a creative genius who squeezed her into this role, to seat her on a pedestal, to force people to view an art form through a different set of eyes. She in turn, being the excellent artist, carved a niche for herself as a dancer of a distinct respectable caliber.

Tabu at her unique best, without the costume, frills and lights of Mujhe Rang de, showcasing what every dancer no matter the style will agree when I say: a dancer’s truest performance is while in a sari hitched to mid-calf, during rehearsal; sweat beading at her forehead, neck, waist; sans makeup, hair in a knot, chest rising quick for breath at the end of a piece, and somehow just like that manage to look sensual and beautiful as ever.

Dance does that to a person.

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16 replies on “delectable”
  1. says: rads

    mute: Like your mask and new id 🙂

    Schmetterling: Well, originally I believe the pre-req to become an actress was to have gone through some classical training.
    Madhuri is unbelievable 🙂

    Praveen: ARGHHH@link. What kinda nonsense is that? 😐

    yep@Surjo 🙂

  2. Tabu is divine! She is Hyderabadi too! 😛 That apart, the song is amazing!! Isn’t there a Tamil version too, sung by Shankar Mahadevan? This song is in Madhyamavati ragam, btw. 🙂 A bunch of girls from our Indian Association are performing for the Tamil version.

  3. says: jira

    I totally ‘know’ what u mean, and agree with what you said until the last two paras! If you remove Tabu from the equation, I agree there as well!
    I had the same doubt, whether her kathak moves were meant to be so stiff. But when in you own mind you can think of a more graceful choreography, I don’t think I like Tabu doing this piece. I love Tabu, but I don’t think dancing is one of the assets!

    In any case a beautiful and resourceful piece of music, that will tickle any dancers’ instincts 🙂

  4. says: Adithya

    oh yes, the not so great dancing skills are made up for by her awesome figure! No, really! She is hot.

    Nice song and I wouldn’t be that harsh towards the Tamil version. It depends on what you hear first when it comes to these dubbed songs.

    @Karthik: Like Praveen pointed out, it is from Star and not Jodi like I thought. Jodi also had Rahman’s tunes from a Hindi movie.

  5. says: Adithya

    And forget dappan koothu, old hindi songs etc. You should probably do a separate post on songs with the best dance moves. Classical or otherwise. I can help. 😀

  6. says: rads

    Neha: Sure thing! 🙂

    Adithya: haha, yea, sure, we can do that! Yea, Tabu’s something else alright. 🙂

    La Vida: Yeah 🙂

    Jira: It is isn’t it? The breadth and variety one can dance to this piece is amazing. 🙂

    Stitha: Yes, of course. Who can forget Greeku veerdudu 🙂

  7. says: maxdavinci

    tabu and my all time fav song!(you know which one!)

    takshak incidentally had rehashed songs from ARRs other tamizh films..

    I second adi, with your vast knowledge on dance next friday’s post should be natyastuthi!

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