age is a funny thing

do you remember the time when you were so young that you actually added on a couple of years and fractions of it, so you could be considered important? Like say you could be 8, but when someone asks your age, you'd say "am nearly 10!" or say "am 8 and 3/4th! " That fraction was so important, the key to beating up the guy down the road, or getting ahead of the line while playing duck-duck goose [think it was called lock n key, or something close..]
..and then 21 hits you BAM! we from the doggone era, were told 'aha, there u are an old spinster, you are 21, and shameless you sitting at home eating away into your dad's coffers! we need to find her a husband … ' sure, it had its silver lining, we could vote, we could potentially live alone, or worse, be responsible for yourself. *shudder*
Then 30 comes along, and we turn into 30. The 1st ones to wish you would be the vixen colleague or the spiteful cousin. 'Down the hill' the streamers would scream at you, paper skeletons would mockingly be floated around, sure, you are going down the hill baby, you not young anymore! A spider web cake tops the evening. You grit, grin and bear it. Most women would stop aging at this point. hey, any number is redundant after the big 30. Only in birthday math I guess, and only with the females. Men I guess start growing up then.. so yes, it's a celebration for them. Finally, hopefully, they become men and not stay boys. In stature I mean, the brains would always be well a 'boys brain' right? 😉
40 is pushed onto us I suppose. No, am not talking out of experience, but the big 40 is hitting the nail into the coffin. The dude is definitely made to feel quite pompous and 'wise' – after all it does take that much time for the wizening to occur! The women as I said, for all practical reasons stay 30. 
Birthdays – it's that moment in space and time when the earth has completed a revolution taking you along for the ride. So what' s the big deal you say? I like to celebrate it as it is a momentous journey, a journey of living, of enjoying, of learning, and to just being proud making a mark in history. A blip in time, a marker in mankind.
So why this huge tada over a birthday? *twinkle twinkle*
what is that you ask? How old am I?
ah, am 30  🙂
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