Who Can Say Where The Road Goes

It’s Enya’s music that struck a chord in me a long time ago. The going was, I wouldn’t call it rough, but it was a high, an emotional high and the pull was in many directions. Unstable in a happy way even. At a melancholic moment, Enya came in and with her voice, lyrics and the music that strung at the strings within, it sang a symphony to me.


Dear you,

The night keeps all my love. Only time can tell if your road and mine would meet again. The nights, my heart whispers, again and again. Only time can tell if I would be back in your arms. My home. The home that I finally found and lost. Home, a space in my heart that locks into yours. Like a jigsaw puzzle. The red in me and the red in you that match and line so perfectly. Only time.

Only time.

Only time can tell if this love will beat with your heartbeat. A night will come that will lull our senses and my rhythm would get in line with yours. It will, won’t it?

Only time will tell.

To feel the quiver of my lips on yours, to want to be home again, and to let my sighs echo inside you, and to burn in your gaze and touch.

Will it?

Only time will tell.

Till then, au revoir my precious.

Love, like you’ve never seen or felt before. Coz there’s only one of me and there’s only one of me for you.



ps: Attempting my fables again. Regular programming will continue from tomorrow.

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