why so serious?

Make someone happy.

I read this on a blog. I figured, why not? The day started crappily. One who made it couldn’t care less. Figured I’d end the crappiness there than pass it to someone else. So here’s my effort to smile. To decide to take that choice and say “to hell with anyone who dares make me sad or unhappy.” 

Drew a silly colorful picture of me. Dare to post a silly colorful pic of yourself and spread the cheer. We sure could use it, at least i could.  happyrads

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18 replies on “why so serious?”
  1. Let me draw a silly picture of myself in the comment:

    —- —-
    0 0

    That is me smiling with teeth wide. The pipes between the ~ marks is my mustache.

  2. says: rads

    Naren: O pls, just use Paint already! I understand am a cartoon, but really, did you think that was a real picture of me? :

    La Vida: hehe, see, you have one day covered. Post post 🙂

    bsubra: 🙂

    Dinesh: lol@mustache. 🙂

  3. says: rads

    max: The irony no?! Kya timing! …and to think I recently said bye-bye to someone coz they didn’t have “time” to talk with me. heh!

    stitha: Yea, drawing a cartoon in paint is talent indeed :

  4. says: rads

    saloni: lol, thought I’d draw a squint actually 😀

    sajni: hehe, as long as you smiled 🙂

    Adithya: hehe, and I swear am not dressed that way 😛

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