45 days


  1. 1 glass of warm water with lemon and honey
  2. 1/2 scrambled egg (munchkin’s leftover 🙂
  3. 1 cup of coffee
  4. Clementine
  5. 1 cup of tea 
  6. 1 glass of red wine 
  7. 2nd glass of water 
  8. 1 bowl of kothhu parotta by t.giving resident coimbatore chef  
  9. 1 small slice of cake.
  10. 3rd glass of water 
  11. 4th glass of water 
  12. 1 cup of mint/elaichi and what not chai made by t.giving resident gujju chef 
  13. 2 pieces of onion pakoda made by t.giving resident iyer chef. 
  14. 5th glass of water
  15. 3 pani puris 
  16. 2 puris, 1/4 cup fried rice, 1 dahi vada 
  17. 6th glass of water 
  18. 1 spoon of fruit custard/salad. 
  19. 7th glass of water

Did 4 sets of abs and leg stretches in the morning. Strangely the gym’s open until noon. I must try and go if I can escape. Cooking ridiculous amount of tamarind rice for dinner, and still debating on what appetizers to make for our annual potluck dinner. Will most likely do a spinach/ricotta cheese filling in puffs or some such. 

11.45 pm: So did go to the gym. Finished a 2 mile bike ride in 11.45 minutes. Felt very good. Did 3 sets of leg press – 50 lbs, 2 sets of torso rotations – 30 lbs. 

Spent time with different set of friends doing different things. Laughed a bit, tried watching ‘A Wednesday’ but all girlfriends kept getting by our own side talk or kids or just goofing off. Decided we’d watch some other time especially coz of the story, and also it seemed to do nothing to our already disappointed minds on what was happening there in the first place. oh, one friend suddenly declared that she did do the GM diet and she lost 7 lbs. Of course apart from the initial boost that it gives, it isn’t a more permanent weight loss at all, but it sure could give you a bit of a head start when you like to see numbers fall. Diet can be back to more careful and watch what you eat after that me thinks. Either way, was an interesting conversation. 

A few from both sets of friends commented on how I looked thinner. heh. Maybe it was coz I wore flattering slim-looking outfits, as in black polo on dark jeans during the day and then shifted to a dark indigo blue sari at night. 😉

Maybe the loss of 1.5 lbs showed after all. It’s water that I’ve lost, though perhaps it’s all square and status quo right now after the amount I’ve eaten. *sigh. There’s enough fried stuff in there to negate all that I’ve done so far. Nevertheless am a woman on a mission, and this is no setback. Normalcy will prevail tomorrow on again!

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    Adithya: Didn’t think of it that way, but there’s a thought 😉

    Max: I write down everything on a spreadsheet. 😀
    Phone comes in handy jotting down notes too…

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