Utsav Diwali….

…was just plain awesome.
The kids did a fanntasticc job with the medley. The costumes were out of the world, and they all looked very chic and smart. They are getting into the teen years and boy, they sure seem to be off to a good start.
It’s a wonderful feeling for the parents, when the kids do well together, as a team, in sync, and are completely enjoying the process – performing, growing up together and enjoying it all. How blessed is that – to be able to forge and maintain good relationships with similar folks. Sometimes these are taken for granted. Yeah, an indian association there, a cultural assoc here, a telugu one, a tamil sangam, a bhangra group, but when you really stop to think about it, isn’t it quite fascinting what we are doing for the future. Maybe not all good, coz I tend to think people start ‘grouping’ within the group, and satellites form at the expense of the larger world. Taking a step back, as long as we are in it and yet not completely in it, I’d say we are doing an impeccable job of balancing the 2 worlds.

It’s hard enough managing all that life throws at you, you don’t need a nixed double identity to fluster yourself with.

The skit was a success, felt good doing the ‘madi sari’ mami role – it was such a trip back down memor lane into West mambalam, Ayodhya Mandapam area. I had to stop a minute, and take myself back a good 20 years, to try enunciate and accentuate the tamil iyer words Ive heard while growing up. Learning how to tie the sari was the neatest part notbeating me trying to wear it again in 10 minutes flat! I expected it to be complicated, it wasn’t. Just too many times, of the sari going round and round – I frankly think it’s do-able in a 6 yard sari. …and all that skin showing – ewww, not to mention how ’rounded’ it makes a lady look.

de Venkat vasi en da‘ how fun!

Now I am dying for another drama to be scripted – me lovin da lights, camera, action! 🙂

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  1. says: kabini

    Ayodhya Mandapam, eh? I wish you had come a little further down, would have been great to catch up! 🙂

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