Jackfruit Chips

Jackfruit chips at Grand mart.

Everytime I go to Grand, I do a quick peripheral round of the store. Attack the veggies, run past the yogurts/drinks, check the frozen ones, and browse the variety of fancy utensils. The utensils and plastic stuff remind me of ranganathan street – a fancy one, but nevertheless Ranganathan Street/Pondy Bazaar. Little gizmos which speak high of the usage and importance in your kitchen, the thousands of ‘make life easier’ gadgets – they are fun to look at – laught at too. Some are really quite useless, but I bet there’s a market for it, or it wouldn’t be on that shelf.

ok, Korean/Asian stores are interesting places. That is probably the only language I can never understand. It isn’t roman script for starters, and then it isn’t any other language’s distant cousin either. By other language I mean, ones I know – a handful of desi ones, and French, and a spattering of Dutch. I read and understand Dutch better than I talk.

I would love to buy some of the stuff they sell – local to their cuisines, but I donno what the heck is in it. Being vegetarian again just about destroys most of your adventurous free spirit! The variety of noodles, and the soya stuff, how about all those sesame seed oil bottles? I can’t get a guy to translate it either, coz most are either mexicans who don’t know Mandarin/Korean, or Korean/Asian guys who don’t know English. Very annoying!
They eat tons of green veggies. The number and variety they have is almost the same as the other non-green ones they carry. I tried their mustard once for sarson ka saag, and it was delicious. The taste was tangible – not that I did a good job. It’s one of the most foolproof easy dishes you can impress anyone with!

ok, and this is what i discovered in their snack aisle Jackfruit chips. I stop, and look,and try reading, and hey, it’s there in English – Jackfruit chips, a faint picture of a jackfruit is in the background as well. Vegetable oil and jackfruit are the only 2 ingredients. It says it is $1.49 – it’s cheap enough to throw if I hate it. So, I buy, come home, rip the cover off, and take a brave bite.
It’s crunchy,looks like shriveled up jackfruit pieces, no imitation there, and the smell – omg!

Nungambakkam station, am dragging my sister’s lunch bag along with mine, trying to keep pace with my mom’s steps – hungry and tired as hell – hot and thirsty – and the only known meal is a good 10 minute walk away. There is this lady selling jackfruit on her bamboo basket – but nooo, we walk stiffly past her, coz mom claims it’s dirty – flies and dust – you can’t wait another 10 minutes. If you had eaten your lunch completely, you wouldn’t be hungry now, walk fast!
Boy, these are delicious – finally, after all those years, am eating fried jackfruit from a Korean store in US Of A.

I am pretty positive I will be the only one eating the whole box, DH would claim it isn’t hygenic the suspicious guy that he is. Oh well, it does have a slight bitter aftertaste to it tho’ …

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12 replies on “Jackfruit Chips”
  1. says: Ginkgo

    Jackfruit chips..

    hmm…I did try them once at the local Indian store..
    was ok…..being used to spicy stuff for wat u call ‘Norukku theenis’
    it was tuff to taste something like this..

    for that matter never was such a big fan of tht nendranga chips as well..unless of course
    they were kinda spicy….:-)

    But krean food reminded me of another interesting escape while in grad school..
    will probably blog abt it for posterity 🙂

  2. says: rads

    It’s amazing that I haven’t tasted one till now, considering I grew up seeing them all the time. I enjoyed it so much, had to blog it 🙂

    Waiting to hear more escapades…
    Thanks for replying, you be the first one to do so. Cool.

  3. says: Ginkgo

    lolz, odd aint it…

    U write pretty well and I was suprised that there wasnt any other
    responses to any of the posts..
    Hopefully..I’d be one among the many..:-)pretty soon

  4. says: rads

    aw thanks g. I am a newbie, and we all know how much attention a newbie gets rt 🙂
    Will blog more, let’s see….

  5. says: Munimma

    Hey, didn’t know you had finally started writing 🙂
    Caught up quickly on all old stuff.
    Keep em coming.

    Jackfruits on the train. Yep, been there, done that 🙂
    And do you remember a bangle lady on the train? She was a particular friend of mine. 🙂 What did she say? Kannamma or Rajathi?

    So you into showbiz now, eh? 😉
    Isn’t it fun? BTW, did you go to the IDEA festival this year?

  6. says: rads

    yea, i finally plunged into it. it gets a bit addictive, the ramblings I mean 🙂

    hehe@showbiz. Was so much fun, it was laughter therapy at the end of long days. Maybe I will post a video link one of these days.

    No no festivals this year, taken a backseat. But starting next year with a ballet – will mail ya. I know I still owe you one. 🙂

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