so what’s a blog all about?

I was blog-hopping last evening, and I came across this guy who was lamenting , quite logically, I might add, that why he thought his blog was useless. In a well-thought out, [software-mimic] logical order, he listed out why he couldn’t be honest about himself – his different roles in life. He couldn’t write about career, about his personal life, about techy stuff, and neither about his friends, nor politics.

I didn’t get it.

It was under the assumption that he was hesitant to be honest only coz he really didn’t either have
1. nothing nice to say
2. nothing much to say
3. was afraid he’d hurt sensibilities
4. was afraid he’d be judged
5. wasn’t doing much in the first place

That was sad.
It’s absolutely sad that despite the outwardly brisk, stony attitude he carries in his blogs, he does care enough to not want to put his immediate honest feelings. And if he had pleasant thoughts or at least nothing nasty to say, he wouldn’t be afraid that other person might read in the first place correct?  So the point is moot – to be or not to be [open] relies purely on what’s already running in your mind.

So is it really that difficult to blog? It is, when the intent of the blog is either undecided when it was started or it lost its purpose along the way. Telling who you are and pasting a picture of yourself has honestly nothing to do with it. It is also a trifle difficult when you confuse a blog with a post. A post as in a mesage board. All posts cane be blogs at any point in time, but not all blogs can be posts. A differential according to me would be that a post is something that you WANT folks to read, to comment on, to advice, and to relate to. A blog can be any damn thing that runs in your mind. You can choose for people to see it or not, comment on it or not, and let those comments to be published or not for others to form opinions of. There are levels of moderation involved, and I think that’s a boon.

So the statement – you need guts to blog should actually read you need guts to blog honest

Coming to me, so why is this blog here?
I initially thought I’d practice my writing, i’d lost touch with it, hectic lifestyles etc, so decided perhaps I could do work on it. I miss writing, and the feel of the flow of words as they hurry past the mind, through the veins, and stumbling quickly onto the keyboard. Being comfortable dissing or praising anyone was never a point as I hardly find time to relax and let thoughts flow. It’s an honest attempt to try to log my life, the sad, happy, and proud moments that I journey through. Every day brings a fresh concept, but I am so disappointed not to mention frustrated that I am letting those moments unrecorded for later enjoyment.


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4 replies on “so what’s a blog all about?”
  1. says: Baliga

    hmmm this got me thinking.. y am i blogging.. honestly when i started out it seemed the colst thing.. and every one was like oh u blog!!.. but now the novelty has worn out.. and well i still like it..

    esp cause i have met people i relate to.. i get third peson (read: detacached/ rational) opinion on my rants… and well it has made me more open minded..

  2. says: sreicanth

    i think the fear of being judged…of creatin an impression (good or bad)….is what stops people from being honest with themselves and others.
    same applies to blogs as well.
    there are people who dont give a shit abt the comments.

    and there are a few who are reluctant to open up their hearts and pour out the contents, fearin that the commnets would stop/or turn hostile.
    they’re afflicted with the disease of writing something to please the opposite person.
    its not wrong.
    cause ultimately blogs are jus another outlet, a channel for emotions to flow through.

    at the end of the day….its different strokes for different folks.thats it.

    p.s: stumbled onto ur blog via ms.rebellious (baliga’s) blog.

  3. says: rads

    hey, thanks for dropping by Sri. Sure, that’s what blog-hopping, and bloggging’s all about.

    Totally agree with archana and your comments. It just got me thinking, especially when you start off writing, and then you go – oops, do I want everyone to know what I am ging thru? Sort of like “open-book” , close-book” concept here too eh?

  4. says: Saranya Kishore

    haha Rads,
    Thats why it helps to be a little a-n-o-n-y-m-o-u-s. :–) Can be honest and pour out feelings. No?

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