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So the husband dragged me to watch ‘Adurs’. With so much to do and wrap up, no idea why I allowed this to happen. Both of us came back with a slight headache. The last statement need not necessarily reflect my opinion of the movie.

My two cents:

  1. The movie was not worth $12/pop.It’s a DVD movie.
  2. I knew the story in the first scene and then kept anticipating the next. Bad for my brain.
  3. NTR jr is a flexible but boring dancer. He bends like the straw, but it’s the same straw and the same bends. After a while one is left with a crooked and slightly stiff neck.
  4. Nayantara has become half her size, and she has managed to continue to look hot. She can’t do a damn move except for shake that waist area. It gets boring. Even the husband said so, and he likes the girl.
  5. The other girl’s alright, though there’s something amiss. Her eyes or something. Great body, but the eyes, they lack the sparkle.
  6. NTR jr cannot do bram-speak. Bram-speak is not just using choice ‘abusive’ words. There’s a music to it. It’s heavenly to the ears despite whatever the content of the speech. When done right, there’s a laughter to it, suitable enough to hold your sides and laugh. Similar to Kamal in MMKR and stuff (That link is unrelated, I just like that scene a lot). Then again, maybe am comparing apples to oranges.
  7. Nassar’s of course losing it to go accept such itty bitty roles.
  8. Sankarabharanam Rajyalakshmi plays mom. As per the rules of all returning yester-years heroines, she’s suitably rotund.
  9. Brahmanandam is the star and the hero of the movie. The last hour or so despite the fights and twists and hopeful creative confusion he completely steals the thunder with his dialog delivery. I suspect he writes his own lines, or improvs appropriately. The guy’s an unbelievable natural.
  10. Too many songs, and not a single madisaar maami one. Very disappointed.
  11. Too many babies, babies in prams, toddlers running around, and small talk during the show at the theaters. Demands a separate post in complete vigor on the rules for (parents) watching movies at the cinemas, that am itching to get to.
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18 replies on “adurs (telugu)”
  1. says: My3

    Sigh! I had NO clue there was a Junior NTR :-(. No fair to say Kamal and Brahmin speak 😉 He is a true blue Iyengar. Dashavataram (first 10 minutes)!!! Awesome. Meendum Kokila may be before your time but Sridevi in madisaar is cute.

  2. says: rads

    My3: O yes, the boy’s an image of the superman himself. Sridevi was exceptionally cute in Meendum and all I vaguely remember is that song she sings when he comes to ‘see’ her. 🙂

    Gradwolf: I know. I must have lost my marbles last night. Will do my penance soon. 😐

    Praveen: You know my blog more than I do. *sigh
    I should write more reviews and especially of teligu movies no? They do provide good entertainment. Next up should be Magadheera me thinks.

  3. says: rads

    Bookworm: I’d worry more on the time ‘wasted’ , but yeah 🙂

    Shilpadesh: Yep! Very few can pull it off, and am talking about ones who weren’t raised in such an environment.

    Gradwolf: I still am 😛

  4. says: mrunalini

    Agree…Brahmanandam is the only reason I sit through the full movie these days. He was hilarious in Ready and Dee and awful in Ek Niranjan (well, only ones from recent memory). I am waiting for the dvd now. Reviews say Namo Venkatesa has some good comedy

  5. says: govindu

    YOu loosers the world goes one way and you think you won.
    Suck your dicks brothers, because no body is going to do it for you.

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