first aid

It lay forlorn on the gray table. Cold, alone and shivering. A tired traveler in wait.

She looks down, and says aloud, irritation seeping into her voice: “What kind of mess did you get yourself into? I thought we decided we’d be more careful on where and what we trip over?”

A whimper floats up as a response.

“I suppose you are just going to sit there and stare at me now, aren’t you?

The old clock ticks seconds loudly while they stare back at each other. Concern looking into guilt.

Oh alright, hush. Let me take a look?

With a slow delicate finger she lifts an end into her palm, and peers down. The robust red that it once shone of, was now a lackluster maroon. Dark black scar streaked diagonally, a vestige from a long gone ravage. Her forefinger traces an arc over the ashen bump, next to the fresh deep crimson gorge. A lump of pale puke, unceremoniously stuck along the wall, having no route for escape.

A soiled tear makes its labored way along the ridges making a perfect circle onΒ the gray below.

Her voice dropping down a notch, she comforts: “This is deep, sweetie. How did this happen at all? You know better than to allow this, don’t you?Β  It must hurt, but we’ll make it alright soon.Β  Just hold on okay?”

With a moist white gauze, she wipes the gash down. Firm and steady, with just enough pressure to remove the now caked mire, yet only slightly grazing the nerves below. She continues talking in an even voice, so as to distract and keep thoughts engaged.

“Do you have any idea how strong and rugged you really are? How many of these you’ve blown away with a small gesture, a wave of hand? I know I haven’t told you this often enough, but am so darned proud of you. Oh yes, remember the incident at the school, how refined you handled the situation, and the other time when you knew the sneaky culprits, but you bore it all in silence anyway. A decision you took after great thought and consideration. A composed silent dignity that only the more perceptive could realize. Honestly, that was mighty distinguished of you.”

A flush makes its appearance gradually. A smog of doubt swirling into comprehension, making way for comfort. Clear sighs bubble in succession.

I know you think the right thing is to not fight back or attack, but c’mon sweetie, all things aside, you have got to learn to protect yourself. See, look around you, everyone’s doing it. Protecting themselves no matter the ripples it causes around. It’s ruthless even, at the complete disregard for compassion and humanity, but that’s the kind of muck we live in. Think about it as “adaptation”. We’ve been doing it for generations now, it isn’t new. Wait, you do understand what I mean by adapting, don’t you? It doesn’t mean one changes inherently, it is to react differently to a similar situation when it repeats itself.”

The wound now disinfected and naked, she picks up a wad of cotton bandage and unrolls it. The smell of antiseptic washes over them, leaving behind a squeaky clean slate in its place. A warmth now radiates through her palms, radiating a smile and a hope into it.

She continues: “You are worth it. Every bit of you. Do not ever let anyone fool you into thinking otherwise. Ever. You are a precious piece in the grand scheme of things, and you know it. It’s after all natural to occasionally let smoke get in our eyes, especially when the heart’s on fire, but the good thing about it is that, it clears as rapidly as it binds. We are survivors. We will always be, and every such event only reinforces us to stay on our path. Whatever you do, you sure aren’t turning back. Okay?”

The pulse once feeble now picks up a steady pace. The paleness rapidly disappearing into a flush healthy pink. A redness robust in its function and as a symbol of all things healthy.

Smiling: “There, you look just fine and perfect if I may say so? Remember, you are beautiful, strong and wise and very worth it. Just have faith in yourself. You and me sweetie, just you see, we’ll go a long way!”

So saying, she picked up her heart, placed it ever so gently within her tranquil chest and skipped out onto the lawn filled with yellow daffodils. A clear sign of a welcoming new Spring.

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25 replies on “first aid”
  1. "You are a precious piece in the grand scheme of things, and you know it."

    This line says it all for me. Personally and otherwise. If one knows this, then one doesn't have to talk to oneself like this ever so often, I think πŸ™‚

    Very nice. Kept me wondering till the end about who/what. I thought of a dog even thinking a child/strong man is too predictable. The voice is/ has to be of a woman's πŸ™‚

  2. says: kama

    Beautiful, subtle, with the feel of a barely perceptible breeze over one's senses. That's what I call a gift of beauty, and I thank you for this. And allegorically, it speaks so much. Good to read you again.

  3. says: Sands

    Nicely done. As long as the mind has the power to heal and motivate the heart, we have nothing to worry about πŸ™‚

  4. says: Divya

    Loved it! And ofcourse the final part was a complete surprise, and made me go back and read the story again to see how perfectly it was placed!

  5. says: usha

    If only I had known to do this all those times – set it out on a table and apply first aid to all those hurts, my heart would be much stronger by now I guess. wonderful, wonderful. You should seriously consider publishing these – this is really professional.

  6. says: maxdavinci

    though I know it's not, just could not keep myself from thinking about erotica.

    Seemed more like a friend tending to the wounds of her friend who was a victim of domestic violence!

  7. says: Nikki

    hey Rads…
    I did read your post…thank you so much for obliging your eaders request…the post is awesome as always πŸ™‚ ..sorry for the delay in reply…have a lot of workload these days with exams just aroudn the corner. Nevertheless, I shall keep checking for new updates.

    Take care,

    Nikki πŸ™‚

  8. Brilliant! This is the first time I am reading a fantasy fiction short story. Well, at least I presume so. I don't know what makes me think so but you have vividly sketched the characteristics of a paranoid. It's one amazing work nonetheless!

    Keep the words flowing! Cheers!

    1. says: rads

      Thanks very much and cataloging my little story. I've always been a bit confused on how to categorize them πŸ™‚

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