Wrote 3 varied sorts of drafts on how I’d capture the day in words and each sounded fake, hollow, sensitive, wimpy, braggy, thumping-chest comme Tarzan-ish alternately. Just not my day to make a good post I suppose.

The month I started blogging at Blogger – October 2005
Number of posts – 200 [including this one]
Number of comments – 3821


The day I moved to WordPress – September 09 2007
Total Views – 6,686
Best day: Sep 21st – 343

Can’t imagine it’s 2 years already since Ive started writing. It’s been a good run. Good positive changes I’ve made including the way I channel the thoughts or events in my life. Writing’s always been fun since as long as I can remember. As with anything in life, the more you do something, you get better at it. A hard philosophy to drill into oneself, but the good old cliche ‘practice makes perfect’ does have credence to it after all. That does not mean I always like what I write, or I am happy and I have ‘reached’. Not by a long shot. I mean, wouldn’t that make you satisfied in life, and once content sets in, the growth stops? Unless of course you’ve reached the point of no return. Ok, I ramble.

Anwyays, So over the 2 years what else have I gained and lost?

I’ve met some darn good, smart, fun folks. Met as in met online, not necessarily real-life meeting. Which would happen eventually anyways at some time, but this is good for now.

I’ve also lost a couple of good people. Sadly. Though I’d like to think not of my own accord. People change, move on, and life can never be the same again.

I’ve become a better reader. Reading various sorts of writing has challenged my mind and stroked its innards in a way that I never knew it could be done. There’s a plethora right here as you hop, skip and jump across links and it’s a surprise everytime. There’s the good, the bad and the ugly, but its interesting just to see how words form shape and give rise to thoughts and consequentially actions that may or may not affect you.

Because of the reading, knowledge has increased multi-fold. New terms, coinage, events around the world, within homes, between the simpler folks, on stages across the nation, religions and science. Eye-openers and all that good stuff.

Most of all, it’s been tremendous fun. I look forward to writing, reading and communicating. It’s almost like play-time. Almost. Is that dangerous?

Regarding shift to wordpress, there are some positive things that I’ve adopted. It’s a good thing that I cannot add in Java mumbo-jumbo. Tracking is moot. Yes, I do not want to know who cliked my page, when and how many times, and read what and for how long and referred whom to come by. I don’t want to know how folks come to read me, searches, links. I don’t care for the lurkers and for folks who send in crappy rebukes under a guise.
Ignorance certainly is bliss.
I’d like to think that I have risen above it. No, am not saying you are petty to be curious. I have been curious for a while and now that I am satisfied, the interest has faded. It does not appeal to me anymore. The blog’s mine, the writing’s mine and I ought to stop with what pleasures I get out of it and what simpler returns I get when folks do read me. My blog exists because I want it to. No plans on translating it into anything else that requires me to keep track of it all.

To paraphrase a line I read somewhere:
Traffic is good but “Quality” traffic rocks!

Am I sounding like a pastor? Eeks.

Okay, lightening up! As long as you don’t nod to the sentiment below, am happy!


pic courtesy

Alright, so yayy for all my milestones. I should go have cake or ice cream later on in the day. Party away the night, etc etc.

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  1. Yay! 200 posts! Keep them coming.

    Btw, I just wrote about blogging and sleeping pills and I am not nodding at that sentiment for your blog, but actually wholeheartedly identifying with that aspect.

  2. says: BPSK

    I am confused – from your post, I thought 200 was the total number of posts on Blogger the day you started in Oct 05?

    Anyhow, here’s some Kleenex and two shots of Patron. Salud & hope you feel better.


    p.s. didn’t agree with the cartoon wrt your blog (except for this post) 😉

  3. says: bApHoMEt

    two years of blogging eh? congrats. i will be one year old on october 13th. i will thus have to treat myself to exactly half of whatever you are having. so what is it that you are having?

  4. says: rads

    Baph – Thanks! I had 1/2 scoop each of Gelato and Strawberry ice cream. So take a pick 🙂

    KC – yes yes 🙂

    BPSK – oh, that post’s a badly written one. Ever. Too many distractions and took me a whole day to get something out.
    Ice cream – ’twas our Dir. of HR’s bday 🙂

    Giri – Thank you 🙂

    Orchid – I party too much, one day it will all backfire on me. I just know it.
    Nice to see you back 🙂

  5. says: bApHoMEt

    @Rads: 1/2 scoop each?!!?!! that means i’ll have to have 1/4 scoop. couldnt you be a bit more generous.

    bah! screw it! i’m gonna just fill me up with something nice from the fridge (not that i need a reason to do it anyways).

  6. says: rads

    OK – similar lines how? I want to think it’s freakish too 🙂

    Baph – OR you could have 1/2 scoop of just 1 flavor 😉
    …and put that suit of yours out of commission? :O

    Silvara – Thank you girl 🙂

    Pilgrim – 😀

    tdna – Thanks.

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