barter over lunch?

While having lunch yesterday after we exhausted movies, shopping, food, conversation drifted towards vacations, places we’d like to visit and/or move to.

The Polish girl[PG] : My boyfriend loves to live in the city. He wants to move to NYC, or Boston or you know any place where we can live in 20 storey flats and see the lights from above.

Me: That’s so me. I am getting tired of all this driving and greenery. If I had my way I’d just pick up the bag and move to New York! I grew up in the city, that’s where I’d like to be.

PG: Yes, me too. I’ve lived all my life in the city in Poland, so now I like the fresh air and flatlands. I want to move to Colorado. It’s beautiful there.

Me: Colorado? What’s with Colorado? My husband’s threatening to move there every few weeks. He hasn’t viisted it but he seems to have gotten a fancy for it just reading about it!

PG: R, can we exchange our men? My boyfriend and you can go live in a flat in NYC, while your husband and I can go skiing and live in Colorado.

NYC or Colorado, no way am I bartering the serious guy I share bed with. PG can ski all she wants alone. Though there’s a lil imp in me wondering how her boyfriend looks, as she is quite the hot bod herself.

O well, we all make sacrifices, me for suburbian quietude he loves and I abhor and he for the cellulite I hate and he ignores.

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35 replies on “barter over lunch?”
  1. says: metlin

    Cold mountains with lots of snow and fun places to climb in. I don’t really care about anything else.

    Alaska, Colorado or Washington. The rest are all bleh.

    NYC would be a great place to live in from a life/career perspective (and it’s nice and cold), but no mountains. 🙁

  2. says: metlin

    And see, there’s a reason for all this – the cold weather makes all the chicks go, “Oooh! I’m cold!” And then, I go (imagine Rajnikanth saying this), “Honey buns! I am nice and warm. Come hither and huggle.” And she goes, blushy blush. I go winky wink. Etc.

    Okay, I’m done.

  3. says: TAAMom

    Whats with the guys? He was almost to buy a house in the middle of acres of woodedness stretched before us and lured me that i could sit in the sunroom and admire the nature, the birds chirping and the squirrels scattering. I traded all that for my neighbours kids to come running in and generally hark away at our quietitude.

  4. Wow, you need to mention this to your husband, he must be thrilled. He can ski all the time with a hot chick 🙂 Wow! And btw, I am ready to go to colorado if she is ready! Can u just ask her!

  5. says: rads

    Pilgrim – I wish he would, I’d at least have a good excuse for the way my eyes rove!

    tdna – I don’t even have to blink to answer that. She’s no match for me, acc to the husband at least.

    Taamom – hehe, I’d actually love to be in such a sprawling mansion. For a week. After that bring me back the smoke and the bustle.

    Pavan – So I hear. I can write a whole 100 page report just on hearsay. 🙂 Should visit sometime.

    Metlin – Dude, this wild side of yours is disarming me in a way I could’ve never imagined. You should go back to legos and robotics, and all those math problems. 😛

    KC – Now that I have proof, you know where this link is headed rt? 😛

    terri – I thought you and I were going to Hawaii sans husbands.

  6. says: Maverick

    I love cities too, but then i dont want to be in the center of them. They are my partying places, so I can party on the roof top sorrounded by the city lights and then go back to my home in the suburbs to sit with a book in my patio with moonlight. But yeah I’d like to have the access to the city to go whenever I want.

  7. says: metlin

    Well, sure. Maybe you could build your hot Polish friend a robotic Lego boyfriend who can please her (and solve math problems). See how boring that sounds? :- I do enough of that already on my blog.

    I use your blog to meet women. Rads personals. 😈

  8. says: rads

    Prestid – Serious as in the barter? Who knows, she looked quite serious, and the rest of us didn’t. I answered ‘sure, why not?’. Now that I think about it, she’s not good at picking up social cues.

    OK – Ive been to Chandigarh, it’s alright. Give me Madras anyday.

    BPSK – I de-spammed them, though I wonder why they don’t show up.
    Anyways, lol@links. Quite informative I must say. 🙂

    Terri – I’d originaly thought the couple should provide some entertainment, but after reading the link of ‘what are Polish men like’ suppled by the ever-concerned BPSK, we shall stick with the hottie alone. 😉

    Metlin – Does Lana read my blog?

    Maverick – Best of both worlds eh? 😉

  9. says: some body


    “Serious as in the barter? Who knows, she looked quite serious, and the rest of us didn’t. I answered ’sure, why not?’. ”

    reminds me of when vb came to an office party with me (yeah, this was a long time ago). she was talking with this colleague of mine…

    vb: “…” (i don’t remember what)
    colleague: “you’re kidding me.”
    vb (with a really serious face): “no, i’m not.”

    btw, how long has p.g. been in the usa?

    on the topic of barter. she’ll probably all desi guys interested, but she’ll lose out to all wives though – inspite of having all remaining bags and baggage in the right proportions, the one piece she will definitely be missing is the smallest item (but a necessity for desi husbands), aka “the dabba.” 😉

    of course, the desi bachelors will step in front of each other for the swap … but oops, what will they swap in return? or are they gonna leave p.g.’s bf high and mighty 😉

    why don’t you have a straw poll (pole?) of desi guys (and gals) who like the country vs. city. i bet that the overwhelming majority of guys will like the country and that of gals will like the city. [in india, for the most part, i.e. age 5-17, the biggest city i lived in was a “tier 3” city – quote from a recent indian express, us edition]

    – s.b.

  10. s.b

    Few thoughts about this matter.

    I think in the country vs city poll, if you actually take one,If you are Single, irrespective of gender, girls and guys would like to stay in the city. I would be inclined to say more guys than girls would opt for that. However, as soon as you are married, the reverse seems to be true.

    And btw, desi bachelors do not really need to swap! If p.g is hot, who cares what happens to the bf. Its not like breaking a marriage. Just forming a new alliance even if its just brief weekend!

    And lets face it, not all desi guys want dabba’s. Some would actually prefer their wives stop making one!

  11. says: Terri

    pilgrim, have you been talking to the husband? Dabbas are how some desi wives show their love. Now you know why Indian women are constantly stuck in the kitchen.

    And s.b., if we’re taking a poll here, I vote for country ranch house with swimming pool (complete with pool boy), horse barn, media room in basement, guest cottage on far side of property and an airy, Tuscan-style kitchen.

  12. says: metlin

    Metlin – Does Lana read my blog?

    No! And I’d like to keep it that way.

    It’s bad enough the way she glares at the Starbucks girls who smile at me.

  13. says: bApHoMEt

    @Rads: everyone seems to be either poking fun at your decision for not trading your husband for a (possibly) hotter guy, or they seem to be trying to get contact details of the Polish girl.

    No one seems to be interested in taking poor ol’rads anywhere. And I am here to solve that.

    Where do you wanna go Rads? Skiing? Yachting? Trekking? Bungee Jumping?… I will (try to) take you.

  14. says: some body


    obviously you are worse in reading comprehension than me! 😉

    “If I had my way I’d just pick up the bag and move to New York! I grew up in the city, that’s where I’d like to be.”

    with what you offerred, rads might borrow my cricket bat and play cricket – my style – with you, rather than take up bungee jumping or some such! 😉

    and you obviously did not read my comment (“everyone seems to be …”), for i neither poked fun, nor requested for p.g.’s contact information. 🙂


    “And s.b., if we’re taking a poll here, I vote for country ranch house with swimming pool (complete with pool boy), horse barn, media room in basement, guest cottage on far side of property and an airy, Tuscan-style kitchen.”

    was that you or was that (your) mom? i would’ve bet it was you, but that reference to the pool boy threw me off! 😉

    – s.b.

  15. says: Cydonian

    మీరు సూపర్ మాం ఏమో కానీ, సతీసావిత్రులైతే కారని ఇప్పుడు నిర్ధారించడమైనది. మీ తప్పు కాదు, టైం బాలేదు అంతే. కలికాలం.

  16. Terri,
    Yeah, that thing called love which gives us dabba’s such that that whole office knows that you will be having lunch as soon as the lunch box is opened! Btw, Pool boy was a nice touch. I would also suggest a stable boy in addition to a pool boy. And add a spa to it in addition to the tuscan kitchen.

    Did you wifey read your comments! 🙂 You seem to be too touchy to baph’s comment .. for i neither poked fun, nor requested for p.g.’s contact information.

    I think knowing more cultures is better. And we know we can always meet rads in NYC.

  17. says: rads

    Good Lord, I am gone for 3 hours and this is what I come back to? I am not even sure where I should start and who to address :

    sb – in all fairness I need to do the opposite with the husband. As in threaten him to take the ‘dabba’ – he runs at the mention of it. See, now that puts PG in a better position. No pun intended. 😉

    Pilgrim: If I combine your and sb’s logic, does that make all married women single again? 😉
    There’s a thought…

    Terri: your dream place is my vacation spot. For a week.

    Metlin: ooo, Lana’s my kind then. I have an ace in my hand don’t I? 😈

    Baph: That’s really sweet and generous of you. A weekend in NYC. I don’t do extreme sports. Am chicken.

    Cyd: rofl@your line.
    Nenu entha manchiga ee mukka rasanu ” NYC or Colorado, no way am I bartering the serious guy I share bed with: – ayina, tappu kanipettalante, manchilo kooda tappulu kanapadtayi.
    Tappu needey ani oppukuntanule. Em chestam, kali kalam.

  18. says: bApHoMEt

    @somebody: point taken. i did not read through all the comments. to make up for it, i sat and read it all over again. and i will exclude you from ‘everybody’.

    @the pilgrim: okay, i’ll drop all pretense and say that i am indeed interested in the polish girl. yep, knowing more cultures is better.

    @rads: weekend in NYC it is. but you have to bring the polish girl along.

  19. says: Cydonian

    భవతీ, మీరన్నది వాస్తవమే. నేను ఆ ముక్క మీద పెద్దగా శ్రద్ధ వహించలేదు. క్షమార్హడను. మీ పతి భక్తి మరి సమాజములో మీ భూమికల వల్ల కాదు, అది వివేచనాత్మక ఆలోచన అన్నది మీ అభిప్రాయమా?

  20. says: Cydonian

    (The previous post contained some early-morning, pre-caffeinated syntax-destruction (వ్యాకరణ విధ్వంశము?) and should in no way be taken seriously. )

  21. says: ruhi

    Ahh…looks nice no one cares about Colorado 🙂 It’s beautiful by the way. I was there last Fall, and there was a snowstorm in October? Heh. The best place to be in with a hot guy 😉

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