Egg Free Keto (Low Carb) Breakfasts

Egg free breakfasts while on Keto diet/lifestyle #vegKetoByRads

My philosophy on breakfasts for keto is simple. Eat a meal. Period. It doesn’t *have* to be similar to what you ate before you got on keto. Change your mind. Why do we have to stick to regular breakfasts like cereals or waffles or toast? Or the variety of Indian breakfasts that are out there?

There is a TON of variety out there. Here, I’ll wait while you go check this link out and come back here and agree ūüėČ

So, here’s my pitch.

Let it go. Take that leap. You decided to change for the better, so why hold on to older habits and conformations. Look at this journey from a healthier holistic angle. You are hungry. Your body needs food. You give it food. It will work for you.


Honestly, being in this mindset has not only worked¬†great, but it has also removed massive pressure on “What to eat that is keto and still have protein and God, do I have to eat eggs again?” and such. It’s made me listen to my body with just one goal and that is to feed it. No other rules and visuals.

With that bit of that crazy notion in place, have that cup of black coffee, or bullet-proof coffee and choose from these options:

  1. Eggs – Way many choices right? Omelets, boiled, poached, scrambled and so on. The variety one can make with sides and vegetables added in and then cheeses are huge, so there’s that.
  2. Smoothies – Can’t do without these. Protein powder and Almond milk as starters. The variations I add: either of the two berries and maybe some greens, or peanut butter or chocolate or coffee powder. It’s yum, fills and is quick!
  3. ¬†Chia – Soaked chia is just simply great! Two tablespoons of it soaked either in almond milk or coconut milk or cream and left in the refrigerator¬†overnight, just becomes heavenly the next day! Add some berries for flavor. I’ve¬†even added in some chocolate/cocoa powder and cinnamon at times. It fills you, has incredible protein and lasts you a while.
  4. Avocado – Now you could always add avocado as a side to any of the above, but by itself, it fills well too. I’ve¬†had it as early morning guacamole (i skip the onion for obvious reasons) and slather some roasted broccoli with it and gobble it down. It’s so tasty! I’ve also cut it into pieces and eaten it with a dip. You could also grill the avocado and have it warm. Possibilities are plenty.
  5. Paneer – Paneer is the Indian cheese and is quite hardy if you’d like to grate and make a scramble/hash out of it. I mostly just chop it and pan fry it in butter with another vegetable like some¬†mushrooms or peppers and have it. I’ve¬†also grated it when am feeling a little indulgent and then mix it in with some Indian spices and cook them all together in the pan.

There are variations and other plenty options, but these 5 different groups offer a good variety to choose from for starters. They are all low carb, and offer a good balance of protein and fats, which is a great start to the day!

I’ve made almost all the kinds that I’ve listed above¬†and posted them on my Instagram, so if you want to follow me there, you’d see options. They too small and really basic that I don’t really make a post here. If you are on Pinterest, then this is the board you may want to follow. All keto related posts from this¬†blog and also my IG get fed into that board.

I’ll update with pictures and a plan over the coming weeks. Subscribe and follow me on IG or twitter so as not to miss any posts



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