You know you are doing something right when

1. A friend you’ve never met calls you up with so much happiness to say that a nephew just arrived in this world and all’s fine and well.

2. Another friend emails you pictures of his newborn with surreal excitement.

3. The first person to be called with news of a breakthrough first job – again by a friend you’ve never met.

4. That when you thought that all hope was lost with another, it really wasn’t.

5. Another friend sends an email saying “You helped with a roadblock in my mind and you are the “besht” because of that..”

When all this happens within a span of 24 hours, it’s even more precious. Am pretty sure life can get better, but then being greedy never helped anyone. It’s all good. Very good.

Feb 28th – ps: Reading this in the light of the day it is to an extentΒ sounding pretentious, vain and perhaps pompous too, but when I did write it, that wasn’t the intent.Β It felt good last night reflecting on ways different folks touch you, and as I treat my blog as a journal of my thoughts, I post what comes to my mind.

Not that I have to explain myself to anyone, but felt this called for it now.

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