33 days


  1. Warm water 
  2. Oatmeal + yogurt
  3. 2nd glass of water 
  4. Hazelnut coffee
  5. 3rd glass of water 
  6. Peach flavored green tea 
  7. 4th glass of water 
  8. 1 bowl of grapes 
  9. 5th glass of water 
  10. 5 Carr’s table crackers + 1 tsp hummus 
  11. 5 strawberries – dipped in chocolate fountain *Hiding face and running
  12. 1/2 cup of rice + 1 cup of beans curry 
  13. 6th glass of water
  14. salad – lettuce, chickpeas, red pepper, tomato, onions, orange – (italian herb seasoning, OJ)
  15. 7th glass of water 
  16. 8th glass of water 

Strawberries dipped in chocolate is the indulgence I was dragged to the lobby downstairs just before I left work. There’s a whole story around this and it’s coming in the post next. The calorie count is edging on 1200, and sugars are high, though I don’t think I should be beating myself up about it. It’s the holidays after all, and this diet is a choice, not a necessity. Thank heavens for small mercies!  

Did go to the gym and did the HIIT biking, this time, with every 3 minutes, I increased speed to 11.50-12 mph. Was quite do-able at level 4. Will up the level next time and see how it goes. The gym was unusually crowded and the ellipticals were’nt free the times I checked, so I skipped it and went straight to the weights. I did debate of doing the stair climber but decidde against flexing the knee more, and the treadmill, which I frankly think is an extremely boring thing to do. I mean, we walk all the time, why walk on something moving, especially when it doesn’t take one anywhere ;-D 

Seriously speaking, I have heel spurs on both my feet, left more than right, and every time I stamp my feet ( which is what I do when I dance) down despite cushioned shoes, it is like wedging that spur deeper. Ok, not so dramatic, but was advised against it. Biking, I don’t lift the foot off the ground, so works better and manages less stress. 

I increased weights by 10 lbs all over and yes, the chest press and the arm push/pull were a bit difficult. By 6th rep, I was panting to get it done with. The rest were okay. 

Another day done, and I have a long day tomorrow!

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