week 2 weigh-in

So with great trepidation, I stepped on the scales this morning before hitting the shower. I liked the numbers. 🙂 

17 days


From the numbers, it looks like I average 1.4 lbs per week. That is perfect for what am doing, considering my workouts are really quite simple and am hardly breaking a sweat and am not exactly starving either. I have 4 more weeks to go, and if I can maintain this, I’d lose 6 more lbs, which would add up well, to 10. I frankly, would be thrilled if I make 8 lbs and drop a dress size. Easy does it. I have always believed in doing things slowly and making smaller changes than drastically killing myself at the gym or not eating and becoming size 2 or 4! 

Regarding inches: I almost graphed out measurements but am thinking that would presumably border on “baring-all” and provide un-necessary visuals of various kinds and hence I shall just say “5 inches ” . Yes, I have lost 5 INCHES overall!! Am excited enough to make a feast of the Holiday Luncheon spread the office building’s catering to us! 🙂

So what changes do I see?

  1. All that water drinking’s actually made my skin less dry and perhaps dare I say, soft too. Of course this is purely my own opinion, and I can very well be imagining it all 😉 
  2. Clothes are sitting on me looser, as in no, they aren’t falling off or anything, but they just slip on easier with comfortably more room, the snug ones especially. 
  3. I feel lighter. It’s a hard thing to explain, but it’s like getting a haircut. You know, when your hair’s all grown out and is long and then you go get a trim, cut and walk out feeling very light? It’s that kind. 
  4. My energy levels have remained the same. I don’t feel a particular lowness or lethargy, and neither am I feeling hungry all the time. Though definitely there is the presence of ‘food’ on the mind most of the time. Frankly, I’ have a feeling am snacking more now than I used to, primarily coz am thinking in my head “Oh, it’s an hour, I should be drinking water” , or “I need to eat a snack now” and am consciously looking for healthy choices. I normally wouldn’t eat much of a breakfast and would grab an early lunch by 12 and then of course evenings, am nibbling things once I reach home and then it’s dinner. Now, it’s spread out all day. Will hope that this constant imaging in my head will fade eventually, and the mind will tune itself. 
  5. I am not hugely stressed or wrung out except for my weak right leg. The knee area is still swollen, the calf muscles feel tight and the there is a tightness around it. Rest of the body’s doing just fine, no aches, pains, soreness with the weights or Pilates. 

So there, onward I go!

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17 replies on “week 2 weigh-in”
  1. says: naren

    High five! Losing inches is the main thing. Weight loss can be illusory that way. For instance, I once lost 3 kgs but 2 and a half of those were from the wallet.

    Cheers and keep going. I believe the Miss America pageant is still open.

  2. says: rads

    Gayathri: lol, I believe so! My son gets antsy just after 2 weeks and once his hair’s down to 1/2 off the scalp, he’s in heaven. 🙂

    Naren: LOL! You are funny! and yeart@pageant :p

  3. says: Arun

    I have heard losing weight feels great! Good for you there. Some people strive to gain some weight, but only in vain. Seen them?! 🙂

  4. says: Jyothi

    Very well done Rads. I just got my cholestrol report back and it is 250.

    So I am on diet and exercise too……need to lose at least 20lbs in 3 months or else will need to start medication.

    I am so much inspired by your diet and exercise plan. Just feels like indian version of weight watchers.

  5. says: rads

    Jyothi: That IS high! It can creep up on us without us realizing right?
    A friend’s went that high and she switched to brown rice and things went smoother I believe. Even cracked wheat/bulgar or even oatmeal can be used as a substitute for rice. Am sure you are doing what it takes, but yes, 20 lbs in 3 months is hard, but do-able. 🙂
    Break it down slowly, one month at a time? Also, I’d do a blood test every month. Thin doesn’t necessarily does’nt mean healthy and vice versa. I say that to all the the snobbish size 2’s 😀

    lol@indian ww. Yeah, it’s anyone’s guess breaking down desi foods calorific values 🙂

    Adithya: Thankyou thanku 🙂

    Arun: LOL, yesyes . Each with their own worries 🙂

  6. Take a bow!! You should start fitness lessons!! I seriously wish I were at least a fraction as devoted as you! I’d be sporting a six-pack instead of a one-sack! :-/

  7. says: Silvara


    I need to lose 8kilos (all the weight i have gaine din one year of marriage). Summer has just started so i am seriously considering the pool now…and pilates sounds great 😀

  8. says: Silvara

    Hey Rads – quick question as well – you have been taking protein shakes in the morning as breakfast – do you think they help at all in losing weight? Coz i have heard that they are more used to bulk up and gain weight? Just interested as I quite often dont have time for breakfast and this would be an easy solution to have something that will fill me up (and not crave a blueberry bagel) and gives me the protein i lack.

  9. says: Ashwin

    Me too aiming for a 1kg drop by this year. Going for 4 mile walk (or should I say trek with the kind of terrain that Nisha inflicted?) daily.

    Consistency of disciple is a must. (*Thinking again*) Lol. Whom am I kidding? I’m the last person in this galaxy to advise people on fitness issues.

    Btw, what does “kowthas” mean?

  10. says: rads

    Ashwin: lol@terran. That bad eh? Yea, I am not sure if I would have enjoyed walking outdoors back in Madras.
    Oh well, we go through different phases. So yours will come sometime too 🙂

    Silvara: I haven’t been hugely consistent about them. I’d rather do Oatmeal. Have my reservations on taking them everyday, so I do once ina couple of days, though I do have a friend who feeds himself and his wife everyday without fail and there weren’t any concerns or issues. They were vegetarians like me, and so we do need to supplement protein somewhere.
    I’d start easy and build as and how you feel. But yes, they do fill you, esp when you add a fruit in. 🙂

    All thsoe 8 kilos, 6 of which are just pure happiness. We know 😛

    Praveen: Gee, if friends were this kind :p

    Stitha: You are at an age where you could eat a horse and digest it in time for the next meal! 😛
    It’s a switch, really. 🙂

    Schmetterling: I hope you were saying “yay” coz you got cut off 😛
    Thanks girl 🙂

  11. says: Priya

    I was at this training session y’day and they mentioned an interested tidbit. It takes up 21 repetitions to change a habit, so 21days of this diet and exercise and it’ll probably become your new routine 🙂 I’ll start in Jan…(the procrastinator in me never looses hope :D)

  12. says: gauri

    Haila, this works! Not bad, girl – that’s really something.

    Alright, I’m all charged up to start….at least for now 😀

    Wonderful, rads…keep going 🙂


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