house team kaput!

House MD just lost his right arm 🙁
Boy, was that a heart-wrenching finale or what.. Loved the team so much that it’s hard to imagine what House MD will come back with next season.
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3 replies on “house team kaput!”
  1. says: The Pilgrim

    I just had one thing, wtf happened in the finale. And is the whole team going to be changed to have new people in the team or is House going to grovel to get the old team back? So many questions and waiting for september

  2. says: Balaji

    i watch ‘house’ on and off but didn’t see the finale. so what did happen that was so heart-wrenching??

  3. says: rads

    oh, that’s just me being dramatic 😉

    Foreman was quitting all along, House finally gave up his ego to ask him not to leave, yet Formean left. As chase whined, House got mad and fired him. Cameron went back to Chase and in the spirit of loyalty gave in her resignation.

    I like the team, and am sad they are gone. That’sall 🙂

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