idea for a gift?

If you understand Tamil, please read the original version here at Ferrari’s. This is my 2nd attempt at translating his very popular he-she’s.  The 1st one is here.

**As an afterthought I realize almost 90% of my readers are tamil speakers. hmm.. am wondering if there is a larger benefit to this post at all?! **

Oh, alright, I liked doing this anyway, so here goes:


2 sets of he-she’s are chatting at the same time. Both are friends, and in each case, one of them has a significant other.  

Chat-o-rama 1 – She’s engaged.

She: Hey

He: Hi. whatssup?

She: Nothing much.

He: What you doing chatting with me? You have a fiancé now, go bug him.

She: Eh? What’s this new law in town? If you get engaged you wouldn’t talk with me, or any girls?!

He: Hmm.. ok, I deserved that.

She: Moving on! In a huge dilemma on what to gift this guy. Any ideas?

He: Hmm.., How about a watch? A classic piece?

She: He doesn’t wear one.

He: Oh, how about a nice book or a music CD?

She: That’s no fun. I was thinking of a curio.

He: huh? Curio? What would a guy do with a curio?

She: It’s a memorabilia. Like something you treasure lifelong.

He: I’d have thought a life insurance policy would work well with regards to lifelong?!

She: Right! arghh, why is it so difficult to choose a gift for a guy?

He: Alright, how about a set of weights? He could be the next Mr. Schwarzenegger? His 6 pack should be good for the both of you? What say? 😉

She: You kidding me right?

He: Does the guy like cars at least?

She: Oh yes! That would be awesome, just a small catch. I ain’t exactly rolling in dough to buy one!? In any case, guy’s got a car already.

He: Girl, all I asked is does he like cars. Just coz he has one doesn’t mean he likes one. Take me for example, I like Maria Sharapova, doesn’t mean I can have her? Nice logic, albeit twisted eh? Hehe

She: Dude!

He: Get him a miniature Ferrari or a BMW. Guys dig that kinda stuff.

She: Hmm.. sounds fair enough. So what colors would you get this toy?

He: Lord! It is not a toy, and we don’t care for colors on cars, it’s a car. Period.

She: Ok, whatever. I’d have imagined a miniature car is a toy!

He: I give up!

She: Hey, talk later? He’s calling, and I gtg. Will call you later to discuss this?

He: Discuss? Again?!

She: Of course, I still donno what am getting him right? Bye.   

He: ??!!


Chat-o-rama 2 – He’s got a girl.  

He: Hey, her birthday’s coming up, what do I get for her?

She: ooo, so thoughtful, can’t believe it’s the same you!

He: Hehe, so tell me. What would be good?

She: How about a diamond something from Kay?

He: Ok, great! Thanks!

She: What?

He: Thanks for the idea. Will stop at Kay’s on the way back from work.

She: You kidding me right? I said it on a whim. You really are gonna get her a diamond? *shocked*

He: !!??   


Sounds familiar? 😉

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6 replies on “idea for a gift?”
  1. says: Pavan

    I was abt to say “tamizh pesa terinjha padika teriyanumaa?” but saw that he used English.. Heh

    Nice post (and Americanized it while translating?)

  2. says: some body


    it is funny, but that is oh so true (and maddening)!!

    now, re: chat-o-rama #1, i would suggest a thaali box (i.e., jewelry box). thaali will never disappear at night. mom will be pleased. mom-in-law will be pleased. ditto husband. thaali bee bachegee aur thaali bhee naa bajegee (sorry for folks that don’t understand hindi and/or hindi idioms – that is untranslatable)! sound good?

    waitaminute … this is an engagement gift. oh, what the heck, like, whatever!!

    – s.b.

    p.s.: now you know why you translated this ‘he-she’. it was for those of us who know hindi not tamil (thank you very much!). now it is your task to translate the hindi back to tamil [rotfl]

  3. Thanks…since I fall in the remaining 10% bracket!!!

    Damn…………this was so DEAD funny….and hits the spot quite well…..

    Seriously, it’s her birthday next week…So, Kay,huh? 😉

  4. says: rads

    DS: I am so glad you are in the 10% too! Yep, Kay it is! 🙂

    sb: LOL 😀

    Pavan: Yea, well, Americanizing helps na 🙂

    Dushti: hehe, good one eh? 🙂

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