Krrish [Hindi]

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Saw the movie last evening. It was okay.

The story was quite straightforward, no suprises there, and Hrithik played his usual muscle-ripping hydrenaline self. Jumping across rocks, and trees reminded me of Tarzan. I think the movie was a complete hash of Superman, Spriderman, Tarzan, and good old desi bollywood masala.

Priyanka was underpplayed, and her costumes weren’t something to swoon over.
Rekha was good. She’s growing old. In real I mean.
Naseeruddin – poor chappie, what he’s reduced to!
Hrithik – I think I preferred him in Koi Mil Gaya as a retarded guy than this magical superhero. Brings out some acting potential in him. This character is more like up his alley, being himself, and not having to put his an effort forward. He dances like he’s got springs as joints [no surprise there] and he’s always uppity up cheery. It must hurt to smile so much, the high point of this particular trait was in main prem ki diwani. O how I felt like grounding him! In all fairness, he does bring life to a movie, and he does it here with gusto.

For an Indian audience, it is the beginning of a superhero status that the Roshan family takes pride in. I am sure the kids would love it, and I guess if you net them, you net the rest.

Songs are plain okay. Nice, melodious, and like eating regular roti and daal. It doesn’t taste bad, but it fills.

If you haven’t seen it yet, take your time.

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11 replies on “Krrish [Hindi]”
  1. says: madsies

    he he! So you did finally c krish!
    Apprently when Krish was released and kids(baby boys) were born then were all named “Krish”
    So much for a “superhero”!

  2. says: R.E.B.E.L

    So u watched India’s first Superhero movie. Rest assured, it wud have been a loooooooooooooot better than KANK any day.. So no regrets!

  3. says: rads

    met – ouch, that must’ve hurt. Next time spend that 43 on a dvd with sub-titles. This particular one came with 11 languages including – eng, french, spanish, german, arabic, dutch, telugu, tamil, and a couple more I forget.
    Just on a whim I must see how it would be tamil or Telugu… am sure hilarious.

  4. says: Metlin

    🙂 She’d downloaded it off the net, because she wants me to teach her Hindi and figured watching Hindi movies was the way to go.

    *shakes head*

    On the bright side, at least it a wasn’t Tamil or Telugu _movie_ – can you imagine her reaction at watching Rajnikanth or Chiranjeevi? 😀 Come to think of it, I should probably have a screening of Padaiyappa or Aditya 369!

  5. says: rads

    aha! learning hindi through bollywood, however difficult to believe is the best way to go. My daughter’s even picked up a few choice words to use on her bro 🙂

    Rajini in that cape will be a hilarious sight. Kodumai of the highest degree!

  6. says: Dr. Alamandrax

    metlin, geroffo chiranjeevi. chiranjeevi’s cool 😛

    krrish: like i keep telling people. any movie which requires numerology to ensure it’s becoming a success was doomed at its inception.


  7. says: rads

    dr – hehe, why d’you think I breezed right past chiranjeevi and railed on rajini ;-p

    numerology? I didn’t know that angle, showbiz’ is going nuts! thanks for dropping by. Ive been meaning to ask you this – so what does your nick mean?

  8. says: Baliga

    i cannot watch hindi films.. esp when they are ‘copied’ umm sorry inspired by hollywodd films. and yes i wanted to hit him in main prem ki deewani hoon!! he was awful.. i think he was practising for koi mil

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