on karma

Think the guys who started this ‘karma’ business surely knew what they were saying. Took me a while to get on that bandwagon but all those cliched phrases are goddamn truth!

Pay it forward

You reap what you sow

and etc

It is super sweet when you do things with as low an expectation as possible on the returns and you are rewarded when you least expect it. Not always we make the connection, but am sure that’s how the world stays balanced. For every ass out there there is an angel somewhere who patiently waits their turn to come forth and create renewed faith.

Precisely why it’s important to believe that the world does not owe us anything.

You do your job. Stay on track. Do not expect. Life will be ok. If life isn’t okay, just chug away at your hope with belief and faith, and do not turn back. Ultimately it will be okay. Memory isn’t that grand for most anyway.

Also do not underestimate the power of the written word if distance is your enemy.


Reach out again.

It’s okay if they don’t acknowledge or appreciate or even hurl back at you.

If you believe it is the right thing to do, reach out. Every word, every hug and every smile and every simple action counts towards your karma. It’s like the saying “Did the tree make a noise when it fell and no one was there to hear it” – Who knows? But logic tells us that it should have. That dent you make in a person when you reach out and when you can sense that they need it, oh that dent is made alright. You may not see it from here, but every small touch of that dent is making its difference alright.

Don’t mess with karma.

It’s one calculating, pesky little nit-picker with some crazy-ass memory. 😐

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