potpourri – 4

Am starting off with a complaint –

1. I just lost a whole long comment I typed up in response to the comments for the earlier post.
It sucks! I typed and hit “publish” and it decides to “vanish” 🙁
Ive been hit with a few other mysterious happenings with blogger and am just a teeny bit hopping mad and sad coz of that. Someone was suggesting WordPress. But then again, it’s a pain to move and I don’t like moving. So we’ll see.

2. Discovered that letting plums sit outside in balmy 80’s weather is good for it. The skin’s tad wrinkled, but the fruit’s juicy and sweet. So yes, am having one now, and it’s delicious!

3. Today was the last day for the year before we share the road with yellow buses and long lines behind them at stops. Last day when the whole house would be empty by 8.30 am latest. Last day I didn’t have to pack lunches, and worry about going home by 5. My work times would change, and life would be a nice little tornado. Juggling school, homeworks, assignments, work, activities, and fights. Seriously, I could give Durga Ma a run for her hands!

4. A little bit of twisted’s rubbed off on me. The dude’s gotten me hooked to stats. Not funny, considering I was in dire need of a hobby while sitting at the desk, and this was like being peeping Tom. Like the movie Disturbia – where the guy’s peeping onto neighbor’s lawns and girls. I feel quite like the voyeur. Voyeurism isn’t bad now, is it?
In any case, it’s a perverse pleasure to know folks like to come back to read the stuff I dole out. By any long shot, this isn’t creative writing. So am guessing poeple just like to know how others lives go?
hey, wait a second, that’s voyeurism too!
So great, we are all in it together. It’s heartening!

5. As an extension, now I’ve facilitated subscribing. Look right.

6. Am enjoying churning posts out. It seems like I can’t just seem to shut up. Is that a bad thing? Sorta lost a confidant over the last week, so blog’s become cathartic, like a backup, like a mute listener. Didn’t realize it would become one, but looks like it has, and well, am not gonna try and change anything anytime soon. Consciously.

7. Dad’s got my mom a Santro car for her 60th birthday. Isn’t that cute? She was so excited, she called me up first thing in the morning [in India] . Buddy at work’s 10th anniversary and they spent 2 days holed up at the Ritz. Spa, massage, the works. She showed off her lingerie to me. Hmm..
The husband emptied the diswasher this morning as I overslept. That counts for something?Baby steps.

8. Work’s off by 1 today. Have a dinner to serve, so I know what I’d be doing, considering I dont have the menu and hence the veggies.

9. Munchkin goes to pre-school on Tuesday. Heart’s a-breaking.

10. The daughter heads to middle school where a kid can break or make is what Ive been told. At open house 2 days ago, I looked short next to half of them, and am 5′ 6″ and I wore heels. The place is huge, mad, crazy and insanely confusing. To me. She seemed unfazed, and very controlled. Thank God.

11. Son’s mighty upset that he’s with a new teacher and he’s got a bunch o uninteresting mates in his class. On trying to console him saying, but hey there are just 20 kids – so that’s good, teacher would give you attention he consoled me “mom, I can get attention when I want and how I want, class size doesn’t matter, friends matter!” – ahem! the dude surely knows what he wants.

12. Munchkin’s becoming atrociously stubborn and quirky. An incident from last evening

Munchkin: Mom, am hungry.
Me: Am making mac n cheese baby, it’s hot, give me 2 minutes. ok?
Munchkin: No, but am hungry.
Me: Ok, how about some OJ?
Munchkin: But mommy, I said am hungry, not thirsty!
Me: ?!
Son: Mom, she has her wants and needs in place.
Daughter: Yeah, Santa better be good to her this year.


Enjoy Labor Day weekend everyone!


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22 replies on “potpourri – 4”
  1. says: kuttichuvaru

    looks like the munchkin is gonna keep u busy for some time now :p n she is jus in pre-school!! God help u!!

  2. says: Ok

    Lol! Your household seem very western;). Why is it that I dont seen any conversations on cricket?

    No cricket, No Indian:P.

    Heres something yoy could do to get the No.3 off your hands and away from mischief. Get here hooked onto cricket, or at least cricinfo, as soon as she learns how to read.

    If and when I have kids, I am going to drill cricket into them!

  3. says: rads

    madsies – 😀

    OK – oh no, we are quite desi alright. Cricket’s big whenever we can tune in. Did I tell you son’s got a criket bat and he and his friend play cricket in that guy’s driveway?

    KC – yes! thank you 🙂

  4. says: Anonymous


    re: # 3: here, school started a week ago – we just finished second week of school.

    re: # 4: i like personal stories too. helps improve the social life (if only virtually like this!).

    re: # 6: how many confidants do you have? or do you confide about confidants to other confidants? 😉

    re: #7: *note to self* need to learn how dishwasher operates, how to load and unload.

    re: #10: pygmy!! [hopefully that is still politically correct!] 😉

    on second thoughts, i mustn’t call you names – you might call me a midget!

    re: #11: for some reason, i guess i am all alone in the argument that all said and done, this will not matter as much as street smarts. [well maybe not, as your son knows that and agrees – after all, he does say “friends matter”]

    re: #12: the battle goes thusly hereabouts:

    kiddo (rubs tummy languidly): amma, am hungry.
    mom: bananas?
    kiddo: no.
    mom: cheetos?
    kiddo: no.
    mom: what do you want?
    kiddo: chocamilk!!!

    i hate the “yoohoo” folks for creating their imitation chocolate milk! boo! 🙁

    wishes back to you!


    here is a obligatory cricket reference (on non-cricketing blog) to placate you – i hate bopara, whom rads called cute on this very blog, and not because she said so, but because of what he did yesterday!

    for real cricket stuff, you might want to go to prem panicker’s 🙂 [warning: prem’s also got the titillation disease, so you might want to keep pilgrim’s prescription handy, i.e., ignore non g-rated content].

    – s.b.

  5. says: rads

    sb – “confidants” need to work hard to earn that title, they don’t just inherit it :p

    hehe, yes you should do the dishes. Sources tell me apparently that’s a guy thing these days 🙂

    lol@pygmy. Yes, watch out, am good at pushing back :p

    Yoohoo isn’t so bad, mine were hooked awhile. These days they are onto Soya chocolate in the refrigerator section. It’s quite tasty. You should try it 🙂

  6. says: Ok

    s.b.: It just occurred to me you could be a women. I mean I always thoought you were a guy, a 35 yr old guy at that. I dont know why but I always thought you were a guy.

    Errr rads its not connected to the post. But do publish;).

  7. says: Anonymous


    ha ha to other comments, but am still up in arms against yoohoo. my biggest issue with it – and with the (at max) 30% actual juice content 100% vitamin c juices – is that the advertising is confusing, at best. i bet all these kids who drink yoohoo (and probably a majority of the parents) think that they are really having milk!

    re: ok’s comment – if ever i needed demonstratable proof that i’ve aged in the last couple of weeks (and i am not referring just to the gregorian calendar here), that was just it.

    i mean, terri will confirm that someone (who shall remain nameless) – just a few weeks ago – thought of me as a 22 year old with loads of time on my hands, and here i am now, all grown up and 35 ;-). wonder what gives!!


    i’m a guy (just like terri is). 🙂

    – s.b.

  8. says: Metlin

    Thank you for the option to subscribe! That is so useful.

    So, doing anything interesting for the long weekend?

  9. says: rads

    metlin – adhering to Say’s law 🙂
    Apart from getting ready for school, pretty much at home. Planning a trip to MD in a bit. There will be a post 😉
    How about you?

    SB – so yoohoo isn’t milk? *gasp*


  10. says: Anonymous


    “i’m a guy (just like terri is). :-)”

    that was a big whoops. lucky nobody spotted it yet. i should have said “i’m male, like terri.”

    all said and done, terri is 100% male, but 0% guy – he’s canine, buddy!


    “SB – so yoohoo isn’t milk? *gasp*”

    obviously it was not my day for commenting. i stand corrected and apologize to yoohoo’s manufacturers. after re-reading the fine print, i realized that it does have milk in it – don’t know how i missed it previously.

    however, what the label does not mention are the proportions of milk and high-fructose corn syrup. this information, if included, would have made things interesting …

    – s.b

  11. says: maverick

    i hate moving to, but when i moved frm blogger to wordpress, i didnt regret. and moving wasn’t tht hard – especially with the wordpress’s import functionality where u can import all ur posts and comments frm blogger. yes visitors might get confused, so i added a little redirection script to my blogger.

  12. says: Baliga

    munchkin constantly makes me go awww :PP

    and pls donot think of the the circket suggestion by ok.. cricket is well just plain hype… and well a waste of time….. but shopping on the other hand :PPPPPPPPPPPPPPP

  13. says: rads

    musings – We are doing it after a break as well. I am not sure how it would be though..

    Maverick – yes, shall do the tag 🙂
    So you say it ain’t too bad eh? One more hiccup with blogger and I might just do it! 🙂

    baliga – lol, yesss! Shopping it is. 🙂
    Cricket’s funny, how it’s morphed in excitement for me.

  14. says: Ok

    @ sb: So are you 35?

    @ rads and baliga: See cricket is inexpensive. You just need to shell out $10 to be entertained for 10 hours. Shopping on the other hand is …

    So what do you want K3 to become? A money spending shopper or a money saving cricketer?

  15. says: rads

    ok – hehe, who’s talking about $, and also we are wimmen! As long as we have a plastic card, we are not afraid of using it 😉

    *ok, am kidding* – crick’s alright – I wax and wane with enthusiasm 🙂

    Deepa – Ouch!

  16. says: The Pilgrim

    My comments:

    #1. Is that your excuse for not commenting more than monosyllables?

    #2. Wow, absent-mindedness does yield rewards.

    #3. I guess, u can give a run for her hands. But not that she appears exquisite in all the sarees with 10 hands doing stuff. Try, beating that!

    #4. I need to mask my identity more than ever! Or someday, I will have you come over my house, with just an IP address in your hand!

    #6. Dont get burnt out!

    #7. Hmm… Oversleep more often, my suggestion!

    #8. Take Home?!

    #10, #11, #12: Kids say the Darnest things

  17. says: rads

    Pilgrim – That’s some effort you put in there! 🙂

    Hey, I do comment proper, don’t I? I ain’t lazy like the rest of you :p
    will work on your suggestions, tho I did luck out on the dinner. Some emergency at their place and we moved the date back by a month.

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