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Silvara tagged me to write about a few of my favorite things. It’s a sunday evening and though there are tons of things that need to be done, this seemed suddenly quite important! 😉

so here it is – for those who’ve read my other tags this one could be quite a drag. You have been warned.

1. Black Forest cake – anyday, anytime, and you ask ‘diet’? I say ‘what diet’?
The best I’ve had is when a friend made it for me while in Brussels to “cheer” me up on a particularly rough day. Being 24 with a 6 month old in hand and discovering you will be bloating up once again was a strange feeling. The cake is now associated with comforting times. Soul food maybe.

2. Action movies. Hollywood. Any day than romantic ones, and am a full blown romantic sap at heart. Not violence but good intelligent action. Not mindless ones, but subtle, clever and of course the camera. The camera has to be good.

3. Saris – enough said on that 🙂

4. To be stranded on a desert island with all the books I want, and all the music I want. Thats my favorite dream.

5. To be surprised with the very common ‘i love u’ 🙂
My munchkin says that outa the blue these days and it always, always breaks any kind of mood am in.

6. Dance – anytime.

7. Color green, maybe it’s black these days.

8. favorite foods – I can club them all under 1 right?

Gongura pachadi – it’s an everyday pickle sort made with sorrel leaves. Yum!
Bobbatlu – Obbattu, puran poli, call it whatever, it is heavenly with just a dash of ghee on it.
Mango – Love the fruit. In any shape, kind or cuisine.

9. Long drives. Just me alone. The longest of course, has been not more than 2 hours, but I make do everyday with my 40 mile drive up and down work.

10. Waking up earlier than the rest so I have my hour peaceful with a nice hot cup of coffee and yea, silence.

Alright, am not tagging anyone but feel free to share 🙂

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18 replies on “tag 3”
  1. says: Maverick

    the food ofcourse – i love gongura pachadi when accompanied with an onion salad, n bobbatlu, its been ages since i had ’em

    and yes, long drive on the pacific coast highway in a convertible is in one of my top things to do before i die 🙂

  2. says: Schmetterling

    I don’t even have a sweet tooth 🙁 Nor do I like chocolates 🙁 And for once, I think I know what bobbatlu is. 😀

  3. says: Twisted DNA

    I am with you on the food 🙂 Black Forest and Bobbatlu:)

    “Color green, maybe it’s black these days.”
    Green is new black? 😛

    Gongura Pachchadi, eh? Aren’t you over compensating for this “I am this Telugu girl?” 😛 Ok, Ok. May be I should stop teasing you on that. In the first few months after I came to the US, I discovered that sour cream goes really really well with Gongura. (In a totally unrelated fact, gained 40 pounds in the first 4 months).

  4. says: Nandita Mundle

    hey uve been to brussels..i have a friend whos moving thr in jan…very very anxious…any bits of gyan?

  5. says: Anonymous


    “(In a totally unrelated fact, gained 40 pounds in the first 4 months).”

    can you tell me what you did. i have to do everything you did not do (i want to go the opposite direction)! 😉

    – s.b.

  6. says: rads

    dilip – It’s classical.

    sb – if I may offer my 2 cents, apart from turning the clock back there’s no way the stamp would go. We all get stamped for 20 lbs or more at immigration 😀

    Nandita – Jan would be a little dismal, cold, rainy and gray, BUT it’s all good, nothing that a warm roadside thick belgian gaufre[waffle] and a draft of local beer wouldn’t help. Mail me, more than glad to talk non-stop – I love the place. 🙂

    tdna – 🙂
    green’s been a fav for a long time until recently my closet, home, furniture, jewlery all looked like the 80’s. Black’s my new color. Couldn’t not mention an ol fav 🙂

    Gongura, hot rice, a slice of red onion and ghee. Thats me 🙂

    schmetterling – hehe, I was like that up until I reached Brussels. Then a whole new taste buds lineage opened up. 😀

    naveen – lol, join the bobbattu brigade 🙂

    Mav – yes yes, me too!
    Ok, don’t be dramatic, do it now. 😀

  7. says: Munimma

    ah, #10. Something only moms with loud and boisterous household can empathize and identify with.
    To me, any baked goods with nuts is irresistible. Most nuts.

  8. says: rads

    nandita – lol, no! Was fiddling around with post options and I guess I didnt pay much attention after publishing.
    Comment away 🙂

  9. says: Silvara

    Yay! You did it 😀

    Ohhh…I love all those things too..except I’m not too sure what the last dishes are but they sound good!

    Mangoes are yum!!!

    A good Hollywood action movie is simply the best! And LOVE wearing sarees 😛

  10. says: Metlin

    Rock climbing and being alone in the wilderness with little to no equipment and waking up in the tent to the cold outdoors and making a hot a cup of green tea with a dash of lime. If that doesn’t fix whatever problems my soul has, nothing else can.

  11. says: rads

    ds – loser? Aren’t we all in various ways? 😉

    metlin – I am with you on the green tea with lime. Rest, you document and I shall read 😀

  12. says: Sujatha

    Gosh, I could have written this list! And didn’t know the English name for Gongura was sorrel. Now I do. 🙂

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